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'60 Minutes' Skewers Marketers Over Data Collection
March 11, 2014

"What most of you don't know, or are just beginning to realize, is that a much greater and more immediate threat to your privacy [than NSA data collection] is coming from thousands of companies you never heard of in the name of commerce." That's how "60 Minutes" began a supposedly unbiased report on the practices of marketing "data brokers" that aired on Sunday, March 9. The piece featured an interview with Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill, who claimed marketers keep personally identifiable "dossiers" on all individual citizens

Americans to Verizon on Data Privacy: Can You Hear Me Now?
June 7, 2013

[Editor's Note: Verizon put out a "no comment" statement.] The Guardian revealed on Thursday that the National Security Agency is collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of a division of Verizon, one of America's largest telecom providers, under a top-secret court order issued in April. Here, we round-up some of the reaction to the story from Twitter. From Al Gore, former U.S. vice president: "In [the] digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?" Colorado senator Mark Udall, who has long been vocal about the scope of

Phone Firms Sell Data on Customers
May 29, 2013

Big phone companies have begun to sell the vast troves of data they gather about their subscribers' locations, travels and Web-browsing habits. The information provides a powerful tool for marketers but raises new privacy concerns. Even as Americans browsing the Internet grow more accustomed to having every move tracked, combining that information with a detailed accounting of their movements in the real world has long been considered particularly sensitive. The new offerings are also evidence of a shift in the relationship between carriers and their subscribers. Instead of merely offering customers a trusted conduit for communication, carriers are

Groups Unveil Dueling Declarations of Internet Freedom
July 5, 2012

Washington seems to be in love with codes of conduct, bills of rights and now declarations of Internet freedom. On the eve of July 4, policy influencers have come up with not one, but two Declarations of Internet Freedom to make sure lawmakers and regulators don't screw up the Internet consumers have come to know and love. Both documents came from groups that helped organize the Internet community's boycott in January—an action that galvanized 13 million consumers to force Congress to shut down the advance of Internet piracy bills SOPA and PIPA.

Mad as all Heck
June 15, 2006

All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad. You’ve gotta say, “I’m a human being, goddammit! My life has value!” So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!” —Peter Finch, “Network,” 1976, screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky Joey Vento and Ann Coulter are mad as hell. Or are they? They have thrust their anger—or is it coolly calculated

Survey Power
October 6, 2005

Turning Involvement Devices into Dollars Oct. 6, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue #37 IN THE NEWS As scrutiny of heart-device makers intensifies, one tactic that is coming into question involves companies making payments to doctors who use their products and fill out surveys about them.To get such payments, doctors must fill out a so-called postmarketing survey about new heart defibrillators and pacemakers. In one such survey, Guidant Corp. of Indianapolis has offered money to doctors to describe potential improvements the manufacturer could make in its heart products, said doctors who are on the company's advisory board. --Thomas M. Burton "Guidant Draws

Blockbuster Direct Mail 2004 Axel Andersson Grand Controls
April 1, 2005

The following is the full list of Grand Controls identified by the Who's Mailing What! Archive as having been mailed for three years or more during the past decade (1995-2004). For more information on any of these mailings, contact Archive Director Paul Bobnak, at (215) 238-5225. Or, to order access to the entire direct mail library of mailings received by the Archive between 1994 and the present, visit AARP Membership Registration Archive Code: 571AMASRP0604Z AARP Membership Card Archive Code: 571AMASRP0397A AARP Certificate of Admission Archive Code: 573AMASRP1095AZ Advertising Age Year/$69.95 Archive Code: 205ADAGEM0799Z Air & Space 5 + 1

Liberal Political Donors
November 1, 2002

By Paul Barbagallo As the Bush administration continues to inspire fear in the hearts of America's liberals—enough to get them to ink up a fat check to the democratic cause of their choice—the albatross of characterizing this donor market persists for left-wing fund-raisers. Unlike conservatives, who are typically affluent, family-oriented, well-educated and suburban, liberals are more pervasive throughout society, thus difficult to encapsulate with a quick snapshot. "For the most part, the conservative donor market is a very cut and dry group of individuals. The liberal market [however], is very large and very hard to pinpoint," avows Bart Loring, president and founder of