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Hotlists—New and Updated Files on the Market
February 23, 2010

Find the latest lists to test—complete with names, descriptions, counts, prices and list managers'/owners' contact information—with this biweekly online feature from Target Marketing.

Market Focus: Lawyers
February 1, 2007

No ordinary jury of your peers, attorneys can be tough customers—and even tougher prospects. They rank among the nation’s most highly educated professionals, have notoriously meticulous gatekeepers and, for those in positions that bill by the hour, time literally is money. But before dismissing this audience altogether, it’s important to weigh the evidence in its favor. For countless B-to-B companies, the legal community is a vital customer, and American Bar Association (ABA) List Sales Operations Manager Rick Vangundy calls attorneys “an untapped market” for consumer companies. The verdict? If you’re willing to invest time and effort into making your case, marketing to lawyers

Trial by Fire: Tips for Marketing to Lawyers
February 1, 2007

We asked our experts to share their experiences for what works—and what doesn’t—when reaching lawyers. Here are their top tips: Be “real.” To test its own marketing approach, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) recently conducted focus groups with lawyers in New York City. A key finding from the process was that lawyers sometimes felt marketing pieces didn’t accurately reflect them. “Forget the stock art showing fake corporate-type people,” advises Richard Martin, NYSBA’s senior director of marketing and information services. “They told us ‘those people aren’t like me’ and that they couldn’t relate to them. It needs to be real.” Get on the schedule. At

TM0203_Cover/Seven Database Analysis
February 1, 2003

By Lisa Yorgey Lester Analyze this! Your housefile is your greatest asset. This treasure trove of customer data can be analyzed, enhanced and massaged to better help you understand your customers, and in doing so, better target your audience. Here are seven ways three direct marketers are getting more mileage from their prospecting efforts by working their housefiles. #1 Refine your target audience. Rather than mail an entire prospect file, or a portion based on a random selection, Interline Brands, a distributor of maintenance and repair products, looks at where it was successful geographically, and then selects prospect names based on its findings. It