American Association of Individual Investors

Lists to Test
November 1, 2007

The following is a sample of lists available to reach this market: American Association of Individual Investors: 140,705 active paid members of an association that provides tools, data and guidance on investing. Price: $195/M. Call: MSI List Marketing, (847) 934-1111. InvestorsInsight Publishing: 156,742 six-month hotline names from this publisher of financial news products. Price: $135/M. Call: Teramedia, (407) 420-1108. Morningstar Dividend Investor: More than 12,123 subscribers who’ve paid up to $109 for a subscription to this monthly newsletter. Price: $155/M. Call Worldata, (561) 393-8200. The Kiplinger Letter: 123,891 subscribers to this weekly business outlook newsletter. Price: $150/M. Call: American List Counsel, (914) 524-5263. The Independent Adviser for

Market Focus: Individual Investors
November 1, 2007

More than 90 million Americans own shares of stock either as individual investments or through mutual funds, according to the New York Stock Exchange. And many more Americans participate in the stock market through retirement funds, insurance companies and other investment vehicles. But many marketers, no doubt, want to reach only a fraction of that…