10 Years of Direct Marketing Evolution
November 1, 2013

With seven videos and eight articles, Target Marketing magazine took an in-depth look at a decade of direct marketing evolution. Change happens, and not all in one place. But this page is different—here, the entire series is encapsulated below.

USPS Update: 7 Issues Mailers Need to Know
September 9, 2013

Direct mail remains an important part of many marketers' multichannel mix, capable of cutting through the electronic messaging clutter and driving strong ROI. However, direct mailers must adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the U.S. Postal Service. Financial flexibility, congressional action and marketers’ adoption of data-driven technology are among the key issues forcing it to evolve.

A Possible USPS 'Exigent' Rate Increase - Playing Politics on the Backs of Ratepayers?
August 26, 2013

There are rumors that the USPS may request another exigent rate increase. Why are we going through this again? Advertisers, marketers and the business community love certainty—and have a strong distaste for uncertainty. When one considers the financial situation of the U.S. Postal Service during the past couple of years, it's enough to keep mailers at bay in planning their ad budgets, and keep them from devoting much to direct mail in the overall media mix.

Rumors About a Postage Increase Spur Mailers' Group Letter to BOG
August 23, 2013

With rumors circulating that the USPS is about to ask for an “exigent” rate increase, a mailers’ group has sent letters to the Board of Governors begging them not to. "Dear Mr. Chairman: The Affordable Mail Alliance (AMA) understands that the Board of Governors will be considering a potential exigency rate increase on your conference call on September 5. The mailing industry, and its suppliers, responsible for $1.3 trillion in sales annually, and nearly 8 million private sector jobs, are unanimous in our great concern that, notwithstanding the Postal Service’s ongoing financial predicament, an “exigent” increase would cause severely adverse,

Marketers Say They’re Shifting Focus Away From Traditional Media
January 31, 2013

Nearly one in three marketers plan to decrease their organization’s focus on newspapers this year, per results from a survey conducted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In fact, traditional media occupied the top six areas slated for a decline in focus this year by respondents. Beyond newspapers, a significant proportion plan to shift their attention away from consumer magazines (28 percent), radio (24 percent), trade magazines (22 percent), and TV (21 percent). Not surprisingly, these marketers are looking more at various digital channels this year. Topping the list is mobile media, with 82 percent of respondents saying

Understanding the New Roles in Marketing
November 20, 2012

According to the 2012 CMO Survey by the American Marketing Association and Duke University, Marketing appears to be one of the early rebounders in the initial economic recovery. In terms of both department size and budget, Marketing is on the rise. Just take a look at how the size of business' marketing departments has more than doubled—in fact, almost tripled—since August 2011. And as the role of marketing grows, it also continues to evolve. Today's marketing department, for example, looks very different than it did even just a few short years ago.

Cultural Targeting: The Key to Online Consumer Receptivity
May 29, 2012

Since the beginning of advertising, successful marketers have recognized the importance of consumer research. And it has long been accepted that consumer research should establish how promotional offers can satisfy the needs of customers in specific target markets. The analysis presented in this article suggests that the cultural context (the social, technological, political, economic and physical environment) of consumers should set the foundation for understanding how to satisfy their needs and for meeting their expectations. This article will explore why cultural target market research should be analyzed to qualify relevant content and viable consumers.

Finding a Calling
October 1, 2011

One of the things you notice when you cover the direct marketing industry is just how many people in it feel that this is what they were meant to do with their lives. They, and hopefully you reading this, feel passionate about it.