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Reducing UAA Must Focus on New Movers
June 13, 2012

In a recent post, I addressed the issue of undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail, and how brands, businesses and other mailers lose more than $1 billion a year by not getting their mail addressed properly. It's a solvable problem. Both the USPS and the DMA have made public commitments to reduce UAA as an industry goal, both of which would help marketers and their bottom lines. Progress toward UAA reduction, however, has not been uniform.

7 Tips for Multichannel Campaigns
July 9, 2008

For their presentation at DM Days Conference & Expo in New York City this past June, Michael Bloom, general manager of Datran Direct and VP of direct marketing operations for Datran Media, and Dan Parzych, VP of data solutions for Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, added a fourth paradigm of “right channel” to the direct marketing adage of “right consumer, right offer, right time.” In Multichannel Convergence: The Consumer Battle of Offline vs. Online, Bloom and Parzych shared these helpful tips for getting started in direct mail and e-mail multichannel marketing without breaking the bank. 1. Start with a Sensible Investment. Allocate 10 percent of

Southern Progress’ Steve Crowe on Leveraging Co-op Data
January 9, 2008

In the quest to mail more efficiently, building a best customer profile is one way to achieve your company’s ROI goals. And using purchase history from a data cooperative to develop this profile can more precisely target prospects and boost response. Here, Steve Crowe, vice president of consumer marketing for Birmingham, Ala.-based Southern Progress Corp., explains how his company leverages third-party data. Southern Progress publishes magazines including Southern Living, Health and Sunset magazines, as well as books through its Oxmoor House division. Target Marketing: How do you use third-party data to build customer profiles? Steve Crowe: We purchase publicly available data. Working with Alliant

List Vision: Make Your Data Work Harder
August 23, 2006

To squeeze every last drop of response and profitability from a campaign, marketers’ data honchos are layering their database marketing strategies. And not all of these tactics are costly or require a NASA engineer to employ. At last week’s List Vision conference, JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, president of Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, moderated a panel session titled, “Trick Out Your Data and Kick Up Your Revenue,” that delved into the successful data gymnastics being performed at four top direct marketing operations. Panelists included: Marijke Bekaert, HCI Direct; Janette Barrett, International Masters Publishers; Don Austin, May Development Services; and Johanna Rivard, Ziff Davis Web Buyer’s Guide. Here’s what