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Improve Your Open Rates for Acquisition E-mail
April 2, 2008

The most common question I get as a panel participant at industry events when addressing audiences on the topic of online marketing, specifically e-mail marketing, is: “What can be done to increase the open and clickthrough rates for e-mail efforts?” In my position, I see hundreds of e-mail campaigns by dozens of marketers every year. Often, it’s the fundamentals that are overlooked by marketers when building their e-mail strategies. The following principles and practices are associated with acquisition e-mail but also apply to CRM programs. And they serve as strategies to consider and employ to yield higher response rates and a more effective e-mail

E-mail: More Precise Prospect Targeting
October 11, 2006

Better targeting translates directly into better response rates. Accurate customer profiling—which looks at demographic information related to consumers, business industry type and company size—is needed to define the target market. Knowing more about the target company or individual leads to messages with a high degree of relevance and therefore, impact. The higher the relevance, the better chance that the intended message will break through the clutter. To further refine the target audience, predictive modeling can be used to scientifically identify a company’s best prospects. Predictive modeling analyzes and scores the population based on their propensity to respond to offers and products. —from Acquire Marketing Services’