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Select Tips From the ‘2015 E-Commerce Dates to Live By’
March 27, 2015

It's already March 27, so some e-commerce marketers may already be behind on one of the "2015 E-Commerce Dates to Live By" items. On March 20, the first day of spring when parts of the country are still covered in snow, ChannelAdvisor asks "Is your inventory ready?"

NextMark Releases 4Q 2010 Data Card Quality Report
January 14, 2011

 NextMark, Inc. a leading provider of direct marketing tools and resources, today published its fourth quarter 2010 Data Card Quality Report. The report categorizes list management firms based on the number of titles managed, and provides an average data card quality score across each company’s list management portfolio.

8 Overlooked Testing Strategies
June 16, 2010

Santa Claus isn't the only one who makes his list and checks it twice. Direct marketers do, too. But, experts say, they definitely have to look over their lists more often than that. To help marketers out, those in the list business provide their own itemizations of overlooked testing strategies.

April Fools’ Day Fun
May 1, 2010

Who says creativity in direct marketing is dead? Whether companies are celebrating the end of winter, the possible beginning of the end of the recession or simply how social media allows you to prank a much bigger audience than your more gullible co-workers, April Fools' Day 2010 brought scads of tongue-in-cheek promotions.

Uncover Valuable Prospecting Clues Hidden in Your Customer File
May 1, 2001

Mike Peterman and Holly Paulus Have you been using compiled lists successfully, but your response rates are still decreasing? Do you have a local customer file and want to mail to a large geographic area or roll out a national campaign? Are you running out of new prospects using the set of demographic/psychographic elements that you've traditionally relied upon to find qualified prospects? Have you already run through all of the managed lists that seem appropriate for your market? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, it could be time to have a multiple-regression analysis performed on your existing

The Latino Renaissance
December 1, 2000

Not since the days of the Spanish Empire—when armada galleons roamed the high seas and conquistadors traversed North America—has Spanish culture had such a pervasive influence on mainstream American culture. Consider some of the biggest names in entertainment today: former Menudo member Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Mark Anthony, Enrique Isglesias … the list goes on. Also, Santana has made a huge comeback, and this year saw the prime time broadcast of the first annual Latin Grammy Awards. Underlying this fascination with the Latino culture is the size and anticipated growth rate of the U.S. Hispanic community, coupled with a saturated and