Help for Undeliverable E-mail Addresses
August 9, 2006

Are your e-mail marketing efforts hampered by high undeliverable rates? If so, you may want to consider running your e-mail file against an E-mail Change of Address (ECOA) service, suggests Tricia Robinson, chief marketing officer for Atlanta-based e-mail communications services provider Accucast. To determine if the benefits of this service outweigh its costs, you need to assess the value of an e-mail address. “What it comes down to is if the value of the e-mail address to the organization is greater than the charge of the ECOA on the address,” notes Robinson. “Depending on the value of what you’re marketing, if … your average

Outsource Solutions: E-mail Marketing
August 1, 2004

How Flexible Is Your E-mail? I’ve been reading about the pros and cons of outsourced vs. in-house e-mail delivery systems for a long time now, and it occurs to me that there’s an important aspect of the decision that’s often overlooked by companies carrying out a typical cost/benefit outsourcing analysis: the impact this decision can have on the flexibility of your e-mail operations. While there are numerous areas in which relying on an external e-mail vendor can deliver significant cost benefits and/or operational efficiency, there are four areas where an in-house solution can result in greater flexibility that would be difficult to achieve with

10 Steps to Effective E-mail Campaigns (940)
June 1, 2001

10 Steps to Effective E-mail Campaigns By Michael Pridemore More marketers are embracing permission e-mail marketing as an effective and affordable way to improve customer relationships. However, marketers face a significant challenge when developing such campaigns. Research shows consumers read only about one-third of all e-mail messages received. The remainder get deleted without ever being opened. To keep your carefully crafted campaigns from going straight to the delete folder, follow these steps: 1. Get permission. Do it every chance you get. Your Web site is not the only place consumers should be able to opt-in to your e-mail marketing programs.