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4 Tips for Developing Content Network Campaigns
February 10, 2010

Content networks have evolved into a major source of advertising opportunities. The Google Content Network alone reaches 80 percent of all global Internet users. Content networks like Google's reach users on hundreds of thousands of Web sites and are continuously expanding.

Microsoft, WPP Discuss Sale of Avenue A/Razorfish
August 25, 2008

Almost six months after the companies started talking, WPP and Microsoft have reopened talks that could have the software company unloading Avenue A/Razorfish. But the question is whether Microsoft could ever get anyone to buy the digital ad agency for the price at which it needs to sell it. What Microsoft paid for the agency and what any holding company would shell out are vastly different figures -- although WPP holds an edge over other holding companies because it has assets Microsoft might be interested in, namely the ad-serving technology bit of 24/7 Real Media.

Behavioral Targeting
January 1, 2008

Today’s consumer is proving to be increasingly elusive. The multiplication of channels and the fragmentation of audiences have driven two imperatives for marketers online. The first is to better identify potential consumers in the funnel early and attract them at the appropriate time. The second is to ensure that your Web property (site, landing page,…

Op-Ed: Memo to Ad Agency Holding Companies - You Blew It!
October 18, 2007

I was reading through Adweek magazine recently and came across an article titled "Hunt Grows Desperate as Digital Pool Shrinks" (Adweek, Sept. 3, 2007). The gist of the article was that there is a quickly diminishing number of independent digital shops to be purchased by the major holding companies -- WPP, OmniCom Inc., Publicis, Interpublic Group (IPG) -- in their rush to offer clients a true suite of digital marketing services in an increasingly Internet-focused world.

List View: List Selection for Multichannel Campaigns
September 1, 2004

The current era of direct marketing has brought upon us not only a wealth of customer-centric data, but numerous channels by which to reach consumers. Direct marketers can choose from direct mail, insert media, telemarketing, direct response television, e-mail, fax and now mobile messaging—can blogging be far behind? Because of the federal regulations governing telemarketing and fax marketing, these two channels have become problematic for acquisition and retention. At the moment, the most effective multichannel campaigns consist mainly of tandem postal and e-mail marketing. In the past 18 months, multichannel marketing using e-mail and postal delivery has become an effective acquisition and CRM strategy.

Are You Being Served?
June 1, 2003

By Brian Howard When the Internet was young and invincible, banner ads and pop-up ads were all the rage. When the curtain was pulled back to reveal that the Internet was less than we thought, banners and pop-ups were a scourge. Now that we're figuring out what the medium can and cannot do, cooler heads are prevailing. Banners and pop-ups can be an important part of the media mix, especially given the state of the economy. And the way to get these ads on Internet sites other than your own is through an ad-serving company that will deliver your ads to sites

Driving Customer-Acquisition Traffic
May 1, 2002

By Kelly J. Andrews Let It Ride The business-transforming power of e-commerce seemed unlimited just two years ago. Back then, the door was open for direct marketers to apply their knowledge to a new direct-to-consumer medium that had reached mass acceptance at unprecedented speeds. Business plans were laid, money was invested, and glossy front-ends were seamlessly integrated with flawless back-ends. But for many marketers, results didn't live up to the hype. Blame the economy, blame overblown expectations, but don't blame the medium itself. Says Will Tifft, senior vice president and general manager, mail and network product marketing, 24/7 Real Media, "The