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Behind Time Interactive’s Curtain
December 1, 2004

This publisher is selling magazine subscriptions through an Internet model that seems to be working—even though it’s not a ‘free for all’ With rare exception, magazines and newspapers have struggled with the concept of charging for their online content ever since publishers started doing business on the Internet more than a decade ago. An underlying problem existed in that it had been taken for granted by most consumers that the heart and soul of the “information superhighway” was the idea that Web content should be free and available to all. Thus, the whole idea of charging for editorial content online has been a difficult

E-commerce Link: Show and Sell
August 1, 2004

Add flexibility to your online sales presentation with on-th-fly image generation Images sell. A Web site that actively uses its image assets as a merchandising tool has a distinct advantage in generating sales. Fortunately for online marketers, new dynamic imaging technologies let you use your images far more flexibly than ever before, vastly increasing the effectiveness of your online merchandising. These technologies allow you to create any number of high-quality images, place them anywhere on your site, and capitalize on your Web site data to customize them for any merchandising need. You can even personalize them according to your customer data. This is

E-commerce Link: Enhance Your On-site Search
May 1, 2004

For a more efficient approach to Internet sales, consider advanced search technology Imagine you run an online store selling home furnishings. A customer comes looking for a couch and is disgusted to find that a search for “sofa” dead-ends with “no results found.” With a few clicks, he zooms over to your competition and does his shopping there. The problem, of course, is that he accidentally typed “soda” in the search query. Not your fault, but definitely your problem. Enhanced on-site search technology can nullify this kind of random yet disastrous error, making your on-site search feature work the way your customers expect it

Convert Browsers into Buyers
November 1, 2002

The key to successful sales conversion is making a relevant presentation to the shopper. This is just as true on the Web as it is in any other sales environment.

Here are seven proven techniques you can use to make the shopping experience more relevant to your customers' needs, make the buying process easier, and remove roadblocks along the path to purchase. Whether your shoppers are newcomers or long-time customers, these techniques will help you convert more of their shopping sessions into actual sales.