Web Design

February 7, 2008

‘Do you know what your customers are saying about your brand? There are many good reasons for monitoring your online reputation, yet many businesses don’t because they believe it’s too complex. It doesn’t have to be that way, and tracking these conversations can be done with the use of RSS or e-mail. If you’re a fan of RSS readers, simply head to Technorati.com and search for words that match your company, products and executives. Technorati allows you to save the search query as an RSS feed, meaning you’ll get instant updates the moment any blogger mentions your brand. If you prefer e-mail, head to Google.com/alerts, where you’ll be able to subscribe to receive e-mail alerts the moment Google finds a match in its index for search, news, blogs or groups. Your business is being discussed every day, so make sure you listen in.’

February 7, 2008

‘Nielsen/NetRatings reported that 69.2 percent of Americans were on the Internet as of March 2007, a growth of more than 25 percent from 2000. As more and more people flock online, it has become crucial for businesses to establish an online presence. With an estimated 3.9 billion searches conducted at Google in June 2007, it’s important to consider how many of them pertained to your industry and how many of those industry-specific searches pulled up your site. You can always improve your site’s conversions — increase calls to action, tweak your copy, write enticing title tags and meta descriptions, do keyword research. But you can’t think that simply having a Web site is enough for your business; rather, it’s only the starting point.’

February 7, 2008

“Online ad measurement is moving beyond clicks. Once the online ad world moves beyond counting clicks and effectively measures how branded online advertising impacts peoples’ perceptions of brands, the flood gates for online ad spending will really open up. Many brand advertisers know that it is unrealistic to expect an online ad to lead directly to an online purchase or, sometimes, even to generate a click. Instead, those brand advertisers need to know how online advertising affects traditional brand attributes such as awareness, purchase intent, and preference as well as more brand-specific attributes such as value, reliability, performance, safety or trustworthiness. The big brands that control the real advertising dollars will and should require increasing accountability before seriously loosening their purse strings.”

Autism Society of America’s Marguerite Kirst Colston on Web Site Design
February 6, 2008

For each of the estimated 60 families today who will have a child diagnosed as autistic—and who may walk out of the physician’s office with only a resource folder to accompany their overwhelming shock, relief, sorrow and questions about what to do next—nonprofit organizations such as the Autism Society of America are working to provide answers. An increase in media coverage since the February 2007 Center for Disease Control autism report, which revealed the prevalence of autism is now one in 150 children, resulted in a rash of related blogs, personal Web pages and Yahoo! Groups. For the Autism Society of America, providing the

Product pages maintain considerable strategic importance for ecommerce websites Your...
January 25, 2008

"Product pages maintain considerable strategic importance for ecommerce websites. Your visitors enter your product pages not only with an intention to buy something (the most desired end action) but to also learn, research and compare what you have against a competitor. In addition to this, product pages also serve to help buyers find relevant pricing information, delivery costs, warranty and/or return policies and a whole lot more."

January 25, 2008

"Rather than listening to customers, [online retailers] are actually more likely to be watching their competitors. ... What this does is, rather than creating customer-centric marketing programs, it really ends up replicating errors."

January 25, 2008

"You're hearing measurement as one of the reasons that buyers are not moving even more money online ... It's hugely frustrating. It's one of the barriers preventing us from really moving forward."

Don't Just Look Under the Light
January 1, 2008

There's an old joke about a man who was seen crawling around on his hands and knees on the curb one night, apparently looking for something. A policeman happened to walk by and see him. “What are you doing?” the policeman asked. “I’m looking for a watch that I lost,” the man responded. “Well, where exactly did you lose it?” the policeman asked.

Branded to the Core
January 1, 2008

As of this writing, Apple stock is up 138 percent this year ­versus stock market darling Google’s, which is up only 54 percent. Apple also has captured significant mind share with its iPods, last year’s release of the iPhone and the fact that it now accounts for about 7 percent of the personal computer market (and a bit higher in the laptop market).