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How to Stalk Your Competition
August 3, 2017 at 8:00 am

For the modern marketer, pacing is everything. To keep up with the pace of rising consumer expectations, a marketing technology

How to Make New AdWords Conversion Reporting Work for You
November 17, 2015

Google recently made a change to the AdWords drag-and-drop report editor to make conversion tracking a little easier. Marketers now have more power over the way data is displayed with new conversion tracking columns. This gives you easy access to the data you really need in order to see what's driving conversions. Once you know what's working, you can adapt your advertising plan to line up with those successful tactics.

How to Track Facebook Conversions in 5 Easy Steps
July 18, 2014

As Facebook advertising continues to expand targeting options and more money is being invested in social pay per click, it's important to know which ads are actually driving conversions. Below we'll cover how to set up Facebook conversion tracking and how to use that data to optimize for conversions. The Facebook conversion pixel allows you to track offline conversions from your site. For example, by placing the conversion pixel on your site's thank-you page, you're able to track when a user clicks a Facebook ad and converts within a 28-day cookie window. 

Is Everything We’ve Ever Learned About Attribution Really Wrong?
July 10, 2014

There was a lively discussion on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago following a thought-provoking post by Gary Angel of Ernst & Young on digital marketing attribution. Angel's core assertion in his post is that all attribution models are wrong and unlike George Box's famous quote, he doesn't think many of them are particularly useful, either. The reason they're "wrong" is because they don't take into account what might have been expected to happen anyway. If we take a step back, then digital attribution models have historically tended to fall into three types: