Viral Marketing

The New Frontier of Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Visual
May 15, 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing's newest reincarnation comes in the form of branded visual content. Thanks to mobile social media apps like Instagram, photos and videos are proving to be powerful digital marketing tools. The visual nature of these social platforms offers branded content an extra push because consumers are attracted to visual things.

6 Essential Strategies for YouTube Success
July 18, 2014

For Canadian fashion and beauty vlogger Bree Taylor, YouTube offers a wealth of opportunities to establish a brand online. Whether it's individuals broadcasting themselves for extra cash or businesses creating original marketing content, people everywhere are drawn to the video hosting site. But in a world of content overload and short attention spans, it can be difficult to successfully rope in subscribers. In an exclusive Social Media Today interview, Bree reveals six essential strategies for success on the ever-changing platform.

How a ‘Magic Toilet’ Transformed Kohler's Digital Strategy
July 15, 2014

Mommy blogger Elle Walker was prepping a new "What's Up Moms?" video blog when Kohler came calling about its new touchless toilet technology. The company's research found that parents looking for a less germ-y experience for their children could be a key target for the product. With full creative freedom from Kohler, Ms. Walker chose a subject relevant to her current parenting situation: potty training. The resulting "How to Potty Train Your Kid in 5 Seconds" was inspired by her own family going through the process with her toddler daughter. 

How Marketers Are Getting Native Advertising Wrong
June 17, 2014

While native advertising and content marketing are beginning to garner budgets and rival standard digital display, brands often misalign native campaigns with marketing objectives, which potentially can backfire and destroy credibility. Native ad spend is expected to triple from 2013 to 2015, according to a new study on branding and performance by Purch. However, for native advertising to be effective, the messaging should have claim over its environment, speak its own language and, ultimately, belong there.

The Secret to Viral Video Marketing
February 27, 2014

In 2013, the standout winner in the race to create the most viral piece of branded content was Dove, with its three-minute Real Beauty Sketches. That's according to Visible Measures, a U.S.-based company that tracks the online performance of branded videos and collects metrics on how audiences engage with them and share them with others. By late December 2013, when Visible Measures’ analysts sat down to compile their list of the year's top 10 viral videos, Real Beauty Sketches had registered almost 136 million views since its mid-April launch on YouTube.

Video: How Dunkin’ Donuts Fuels Word-of-Mouth Through Social Media
February 17, 2014

As a social media manager for Dunkin' Donuts, Jessica Gioglio says fan-centric marketing is a big part of her job. "You spend a lot of time with your fans. You should be inspired by what they share with you and find fun ways to interact with them," she explains. That's why putting the spotlight on the people who love Dunkin' Donuts is important to the brand's word-of-mouth strategy. In her presentation at's BlogWell conference, Gioglio explains how Dunkin' Donuts accomplishes this with fun contests, visual storytelling, and surprise and delight.

3 Viral Video Lessons From Super Bowl Ads
January 24, 2014

If your company is among those that will be waiting anxiously for their ads to air on Super Bowl Sunday, you've probably been thinking a lot about online shares. There's no denying the value of digital media to Super Bowl campaigns. According to marketing technology company Unruly, the 10 most popular Super Bowl spots from last year generated more than 10 million shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs, an increase of nearly 90 percent over 2012. Whether you're a Super Bowl advertiser or not, online shares are critical to video ad success.

Facebook Launches Auto-Play Video Ads
December 17, 2013

Facebook's long awaited and, for many, long feared auto-play video ads are here. The company announced Tuesday morning that it's testing such ads in the News Feed with a handful of advertisers. Among those are Summit Entertainment's "Divergent," a film set for a March release. The ad for that film, and the other video ads, runs without sound unless you tap it, in which case you can also expand it to full screen. At the end of auto-play video, a carousel appears where you can click on two additional videos. 

Sherwin Williams Uses Google Glass to Turn the Real World Into Paint Colors
October 2, 2013

With Sherwin Williams's new Google Glass app, consumers can turn everyday items into paint colors with nothing more than a wink or a voice command. "In focus groups, a lot of people said they pick colors by what inspires them while on vacation or what they see when they're out and about. They want to replicate it but they don't know how," Sherwin Williams's VP-marketing communications Ellen Moreau said. The app, called ColorSnap Glass, solves this problem by combining Glass's built-in camera with Sherwin Williams's color recognition technology

5 of the Best Branded Viral Videos
May 20, 2013

As our lives become ever more cluttered with media, brands have had to get creative in their attempts to reach customers. Viral videos showing cats playing pianos and laughing babies could easily be overlooked as Internet quirks, but sharing them online with friends has become a natural reaction for anyone with a social media account. That crucial step — watching and then sharing — has of course been picked up by companies who put their TV commercials online for people to share using social media. Once businesses realized the potential of