Video Marketing

Marketers Merge Online Video, TV Ad Strategies
March 31, 2010

Marketers are increasingly combining online video and television advertising strategies as they get a better understanding of their audience - with the most recent example being the CW.

Melissa Campanelli's The View From Here: How to Enjoy March Madness at Work (Thanks, Web Technology!)
March 25, 2010

As a die-hard sports fan, not to mention college basketball junkie, March is gluttony at its finest. I'm not alone in my revelry. Round-the-clock action serves as a rite of spring for sports fans across the nation, who are rooting on their alma maters, local universities and, of course, whomever they've penciled in to their brackets. But with the “madness” comes a real dilemma: How do you watch the games when they're being played in the middle of the day during the workweek?

7 Tactics for Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search, Part 2
March 18, 2010

In the second and final part of this series on how businesses can integrate video into their marketing mixes, specifically, how video can be best used to optimize rankings with search engines, I wrap up my list of seven tactics for optimizing YouTube videos for search with tips four through seven.

7 Tactics for Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search, Part 1
March 11, 2010

You may have a great video, but if people don’t know it exists, it’s pretty worthless. Considering many online users find videos by conducting keyword searches on YouTube or search engines, it's very important to optimize your video for search. Here are seven tips for optimizing YouTube videos:

3 Things Every Email Marketer Needs to Know About the iPad
February 26, 2010

There are skeptics and there are fanatics, but one thing is certain: Email marketers will be jumping at the chance to capitalize on Apple’s iPad. The real question is whether these marketers will fall flat on their faces. Marketers will contend with a host of challenges as they eagerly delve into this uncharted territory, and how they respond will make or break their chances of adding yet another one-to-one marketing channel to their collections.

Wal-Mart Acquires Video Streaming Service Vudu
February 23, 2010

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is buying the Vudu Inc. video streaming service, a move that signals the world's largest retailer will once again attempt to sell and rent movies over the Internet. A person familiar with the matter said the agreed price was slightly more than $100 million. Vudu's technology allows for high-definition movies to be digitally transmitted over the Internet to televisions and Blu-ray disc players.

Chris McCann on Online Customer Relations Management
February 5, 2010

Interview between Didit CEO Kevin Lee and President Chris McCann. In this segment, Kevin and Chris discuss how 1-800-Flowers is using online media to enhance customer relations management.

How to Successfully Integrate Video Into Email
January 29, 2010

As marketers scramble to integrate video into any and every marketing media they can, email has emerged as a focal point. In a Jan. 28 webinar from WhatCounts, an e-communications solutions provider, David Daniels, founder of the online consulting firm The Relevancy Group, and David Geller, founder and CEO of WhatCounts, discussed best practices for marketers to follow as they immerse themselves in video email.

6 Steps for Video Search Marketing Beyond YouTube
December 10, 2009

The most popular YouTube videos of all time are wacky, crazy and memorable. They show people doing amazing stunts; cats acting like creepy humans; family members surviving freaky accidents; and ever-popular dancing, dancing and more dancing. While these examples may not be appropriate content for many brands, you can learn lessons from these popular videos. So where should you start?

Raising the Profile With DVD Mail
December 1, 2009

You have a great product and you know the industry it's tailor-made for, so how fast can you introduce this product ... and in the right way? That was the question Graham Medical, owner of the new MegaMover Transport Chair