Raising the Profile With DVD Mail
December 1, 2009

You have a great product and you know the industry it's tailor-made for, so how fast can you introduce this product ... and in the right way? That was the question Graham Medical, owner of the new MegaMover Transport Chair

Call Analytics' 7 Best Practices
November 19, 2009

Call analytics — or automatic call tracking that works in concert with web advertising or full marketing campaigns — provides a great return on your marketing investments.

Im Thinking VDP . . . but Wheres the List?
November 1, 2009

Data segmentation is the key to effective variable data printing and imaging—and VDP is the key to getting your customers' attention. Chances are you've got all the data you need for an effective campaign, but let's talk specifics.

The Plain-Jane Voucher Gets a Makeover
November 1, 2009

Vouchers have been in favor with publishers and fundraisers for years because they are not as expensive as larger 6" x 9" or 9" x 12" packages—and they still capture good response rates. The voucher is bare-bones by definition, consisting of a one-page description of benefits and a reply device, usually carried in a #10 outer.

Nine ways to write a better sales letter
November 1, 2009

The letter is the most important part of any direct mail package. Write a brilliant, compelling sales letter and your response rates can shoot up. Make a few thoughtless blunders and you're in deep trouble.

LeanLogistics - Leading the Way
November 1, 2009

Over the past few years, LeanLogistics, an on-demand transportation management solutions provider, has tried to separate itself from the pack by becoming a thought leader to its customers. A key element to this quest has been to distribute whitepapers and other materials that could be downloaded for free to collect leads.

Anatomy of a Control: The Plum Card
November 1, 2009

In these trying economic times, small business owners are undoubtedly on the lookout for ways to save. Yet, when it comes to opening a business credit card, prospects also are wary of potential fine print and loopholes that may trip them up in the future. In today's economic climate, a little transparency and an offer that does not seem "too good to be true" go a long way.

Small Businesses No Exception to Market Spend Shift to Online
October 29, 2009

Like larger businesses, small businesses are shifting more of their marketing initiatives from traditional media to web-based tools such as social media — including blogs, social networking, and online communities and forums — and email marketing.

Q&A: IKEA, 89 Degrees Discuss Award-Winning Store Opening Email Campaign, Part 2
October 16, 2009

This week we bring you the second in a two-part interview I conducted with Marty McGuire, direct marketing manager of IKEA US, and Ann Hopps Morgan, partner and vice president of strategic marketing services for 89 Degrees, a Burlington, Mass.-based integrated marketing agency. They discuss several campaigns they've worked on together and offer best practices around using email to promote local events.