Search Engine Optimization

January 1, 2006

Craft Savvy Copy Web copy tailored to the needs of search engine marketing can help boost conversion rates and ROI, says Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO and president of Washington state-based search marketing solutions provider SuccessWorks Inc. In her presentation, "Write Your Way to Search Engine Success," at this year's DMA•05 conference in Atlanta, Lloyd-Martin spelled out key tips to keep in mind when optimizing copy for search engines. When it comes to making better key-phrase choices, research is paramount, says Lloyd-Martin. It's essential to: 1. Identify key phrases that pros-pects actually type into a search box to find products or services your company

E-commerce Link: Make Your SEM Click
September 1, 2004

Six tactics to improve your pay-per-click search engine marketing program It is no secret that search engine marketing (SEM) can be an effective online marketing tool. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy practice to master. Here are six proven tactics to help you increase your ROI from pay-per-click search engine marketing. Choose Your Weapon Before you begin, you must decide on a plan of attack. Determine which keyword selection strategy will help you hit your SEM goals: • the shotgun, • the laser or • a hybrid? Practitioners of the shotgun approach start their SEM campaign with a wide variety of keywords

Optimize Search Results Now
February 1, 2004

Make your Web site click with algorithm search engines … and customers. You may be under the impression that getting your Web site ranked on “spidering” or algorithm search engines such as Google involves the dark arts, or at least a secret handshake. If so, you can’t be blamed. Some search-engine optimization (SEO) companies make it sound as if high rankings are more hocus-pocus than strategy—that the algorithms (part computer program/part math equation) that determine page rankings are designed to estimate something other than how relevant a site will be to an Internet searcher. While there are a number of complicated and technical aspects