Search Engine Optimization

4 Tips for Podcasts and Search Optimization
April 2, 2008

Record it, and they will come, right? Of course, we all know building an online audience requires promotion. To increase the number of people listening to your firm’s podcast programs, check out these four tips for optimizing your podcast promotion landing pages—courtesy of Amanda Watlington, owner of search engine marketing consulting firm Searching for Profit. Watlington presented these ideas and more during her “Podcast & Audio Search Optimization” session at last month’s Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. #1. To avoid broken links, use a separate landing page for audio content. #2. Create a promotional landing page for your podcast series or show, offering

Reap What You Sow
April 1, 2008

Marketers hoping to launch a new affiliate marketing program—or invigorate an existing one—should recognize that the best affiliate marketing programs are built on relationships with clear rules of engagement, strategic planning and a steady stream of compelling consumer promotions. Attracting Affiliates Is Only Half the Battle It’s not enough for affiliates to join a program if their marketing partners do little to help them succeed. Affiliates cannot deliver on marketing goals unless the objectives are shared and the right tools and information are made available. All affiliate programs operate within their networks’ standard affiliate agreements, which outline payment frequency, regulations and standards for

Finding & Funding
April 1, 2008

If you’ve watched any amount of late-night TV, you’ve undoubtedly experienced commercials of the “if you’ve been in an accident … ” variety. While these ads contribute to the stereotype of lawyer as ambulance chaser, they do reach people in trouble who might otherwise be reluctant to turn to the courts for assistance and legal relief. But while finding a lawyer is the first step in any lawsuit you plan to file, in many cases the issue of how to find a lawyer will soon be supplanted by the question of how to fund one. If you have been in an auto accident or

Study Demonstrates Impact of Google Checkout, Visibility of Search Engine Click-Through Rates
March 17, 2008

SendTec Teams with Eyetools, Examines Consumer Response to Google Checkout St. Petersburg, Fla.—Dec 13, 2007— With the Cyber Monday collapse of Yahoo’s checkout platform, the checkout features offered by both Google and Yahoo are receiving tremendous scrutiny from advertisers and consumers. With this recent disastrous event, advertisers need clear documentation of what the potential benefits are from opting into a Search Engine’s checkout feature. A recent study from SendTec, Inc. (OTCBB: SNDN), a Search-Centricsm multi-channel marketing company, and Eyetools Inc., the leader in eyetracking analysis software, investigated the impact of the redesigned Google Checkout icon on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). The eyetracking

Media Usage Forecast 2008
March 1, 2008

With the specter of a recession looming, results from Target Marketing’s second annual Media Usage Forecast reflect the caution that marks the start of 2008. The majority of direct marketers plan to hold the line on or even increase their budgets, which is good news. Still, the group of respondents tightening the purse strings on their media budgets rose 23 percent compared to last year, and the group planning a budget increase dipped about 10 percent. An intriguing development is that a smaller percentage (5 percent) of respondents are indicating uncertainty about their budget plans for this year contrasted with the response to this

Acquisition 2.0
March 1, 2008

Selling on the Web is quickly becoming less about marketers’ supply meeting up with customers’ demand, and more about customers actively bringing demand toward supply. The question is: Who is driving the bus?

Boost Sales With Smart SEO Content Strategy
February 27, 2008

Marketing visionary Seth Godin said, “The best SEO (search engine optimization) means good content.” A SEO content strategy results in more than search engine positions. Savvy SEO copywriting seamlessly blends direct-response copywriting with smart SEO techniques, encouraging conversions and sales. Leverage the power of SEO content by implementing these five powerful tips, right now: 1. Build content reflecting all phases of the sales cycle. How people search indicates where they are in the sales cycle. In the awareness phase, people search using generic keyphrases—like “SLR digital camera.” Searches become more specific as people move through the sales cycle (for example, “Sony SLR camera

Intuit’s Seth Greenberg on Paid Search
February 13, 2008

To keep abreast of discrepancies in search engine algorithms that present both risk and opportunities to boost ROI, Mountain View, Calif.-based financial software provider Intuit partnered with Zeta Interactive, a digital services firm in New York, to improve response during the current tax season. Zeta Interactive assisted Intuit in creating ad groups to support tailored cost-per-click ads and now monitors the frequency with which various search queries are used, rolling frequent queries into the program. It also monitors Intuit’s campaign keywords and ad groups, adjusting, as needed, to create more relevant ad copy. Here, Intuit Director of Online Advertising and Internet Media Seth Greenberg

Autism Society of America’s Marguerite Kirst Colston on Web Site Design
February 6, 2008

For each of the estimated 60 families today who will have a child diagnosed as autistic—and who may walk out of the physician’s office with only a resource folder to accompany their overwhelming shock, relief, sorrow and questions about what to do next—nonprofit organizations such as the Autism Society of America are working to provide answers. An increase in media coverage since the February 2007 Center for Disease Control autism report, which revealed the prevalence of autism is now one in 150 children, resulted in a rash of related blogs, personal Web pages and Yahoo! Groups. For the Autism Society of America, providing the

Demystifying Social Computing
February 1, 2008

Social computing technologies are an increasingly vital part of consumers’ lives. Industry analyst Forrester Research reports that use of social networking sites grew a whopping 90 percent from 2006 to 2007; in the same time period, blog consumption grew by 83 percent and the number of consumers relying on RSS feeds to distill content jumped fully 300 percent. Consumers are talking to each other.