Print Production Spotlight: Defining Print’s Role in Modern Direct Marketing
April 27, 2011

An Internet information company seeking to boost response rates and drive traffic to its website was reluctant to use direct mail. After the campaign generated so-so results in numerous online channels, however, a direct mail test produced the highest response rates and the most stickiness of any medium they used—even for the coveted new-media generation of 18- to 35-year-olds. The moral: "Sometimes you find a role for print in the areas you least expect it."

Xerox and XMPie Go Virtual at ‘Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk’
March 11, 2011

This virtual trade show featuring the latest in marketing tools and know-how will be held on Tuesday, March 15. Xerox customers Anderson Direct Marketing, Print Three and EU Services will share their broad experience in generating cross-media campaigns via live chat.

Direct Mail 2.0: 4 Secrets of Advanced Variable Data Printing
February 9, 2011

Instead of mass producing a single document using offset lithography, variable data printing (VDP) produces a mass of customized documents via digital print technology. So, rather than getting 10,000 mail pieces with the same message, VDP enables you to print 10,000 mail pieces with the right message for each prospect.

The Shape of the Offer
January 19, 2011

Postage cost-cutting may be a priority for many marketing budgets this year, and there are three basic ways to do it: more efficient mail piece design, reducing mail volume and maximizing postage discounts. Here are some things to consider when trying to dial in on that first opportunity and optimize your mail piece design.

Pitney Bowes Launching Online Delivery Service to Connect Mailers with Consumers
January 7, 2011

The Volly cloud-based digital mail communications platform will empower consumers to receive, view, organize and manage bills, statements, direct marketing, catalogs, coupons and other content from multiple providers using a single application. This opt-in, consumer-focused consolidation service also includes online bill paying.

Finding Lift in Your Data
January 1, 2011

Every direct mail campaign—whether it's a solicitation letter seeking new customers, offers for existing customers or a catalog full of products—should be managed for maximum response.

3 Easy Ways to Instantly Reduce Your B-to-B Direct Mail Costs
December 16, 2010

In today's economy, businesses wants to improve efficiency and cut costs in every department. This is especially true for B-to-B direct mail marketing. Paper, postage and printing are all on the rise. But how can you cut costs without sabotaging your response?