Personalization & Premiums Go Up in Publishing
June 27, 2013

Everyone recognizes that magazine publishers have gone the way of the voucher the last few years, as magalogs and other acquisition packages are rare sights in the mailstream, unfortunately. However, that doesn't mean that magazine publishers are standing pat when trying to win subscribers through the mail.

Premiums Are Bouncing Back for Nonprofits
June 13, 2013

For fundraisers, premiums are just like Miami Heat's Mike Miller. They deserve to be played. Why? Because they consistently work, scoring donations for nonprofits in part because the prospective donor loves to be rewarded for their donation rather than simply see the charge on their credit card statement.

A Museum Between a Rock and a Hard Place
June 12, 2013

In a difficult economy, museums have a difficult enough task in raising money. Of course, for museums that have not yet opened, they face an even bigger challenge: inspiring people to become members when they can't even enjoy all the facility has to offer. That's exactly the story with the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Seasonality & Technique Trends in the Retail Industry
September 13, 2012

No industry was hit harder by the 2008 economic knuckle sandwich than retailers and merchandisers, but after some rough going until 2010, things have been looking up. in order to keep sales and ROI moving in the right direction, retailers must stay on top of the current marketing trends and study those folks who are succeeding in this competitive cross-channel …

Direct Mail Trends & Tactics in Fundraising - DMIQ TV Video
September 11, 2012

Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer of Direct Marketing IQ, breaks down several direct mail trends in the fundraising space in this short video. These trends come from the new report "Cross-Channel Fundraising Tips and Trends," which reveals important direct mail and email data, best practices for using that data, along with five case studies of…

Who's Mailing and Emailing What? 2012 Direct Mail & Email Trends(2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Show session)
March 15, 2012

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Conference & Expo - Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk.

Featuring exclusive data and marketing campaigns from the Who's Mailing What! Archive and the Email Campaign Archive, Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt showcases not only the big statistical trends in the direct mail and email space, but also examples of top campaigns exhibiting these trends.

Trends and campaign examples include the following:
- Seasonal and volume trends for direct mail and email
- The best direct mail and email campaigns of 2011
- Percentage of repeat mail and repeat email
- Package dimensions and popular formats
- Common subject line words and length
- The latest email and direct mail designs
- Premium and freemium usage
- Emerging integrated markets and successful tactics

Click here to view today!

Direct Mail Smackdown: The Magalog vs. the Oversize Envelope
February 2, 2012

Looking at recent publishing mail from The Who's Mailing What! Archive, two very different efforts from Consumer Reports really jumped out at us. Both mail pieces have been in the mailstream for nearly three years, so both represent successful controls.What makes them successful? And which is better?! Watch and listen to Peggy Hatch and Ethan…

The 5 Fundraising Direct Mail Trends in 2011
December 15, 2011

Recently, I wrote an article about the "7 Big Trends for Direct Mail in 2011" and a number of fundraisers asked about trends specific to that industry. It's a question I was happy to tackle, with the aid of our comprehensive database of direct mail, the Who's Mailing What Archive, which includes the tracking of 14 different types of fundraising mail.

The 7 BIG Direct Mail Trends in 2011
December 1, 2011

Within our comprehensive database of direct mail, the Who's Mailing What Archive, we crunch the various numbers in order to find the current trends in the mailstream. Here's what we've seen so far in 2011.

Focus on Fundraising: Grand Control of the Year
September 21, 2011

As part of FundRaising Success magazine's Gold Awards, recognizing excellence in direct mail, email and multichannel fundraising, Paul Bobnak shows his choice for Grand Control of the Year: Nature Conservancy's "Hummingbird" member acquisition package. This week's episode covers how the outer envelope's photo and caption get it opened, plus a brief look at two classic…