Direct Mail: Dead or Dead On?
April 8, 2010

While few direct marketers now rely only on direct mail, it remains alive, well and a key player for targeting prospects and building customer relationships. See if any of this applies to you.

For Capturing Survey Data, pURLs Are Golden
January 14, 2010

Once upon a time, when they were first introduced, pURLs were viewed by many as a fancy way to sell something to customers. Today's smarter pURLs offer customers some benefits, too. For example, pURLs are the perfect landing spot at which customers can both pick up targeted information and offer feedback to a favorite store, charity or membership organization.

The Future of Direct Mail
December 1, 2009

As discussed in my Editor's Note, this issue of Inside Direct Mail will be our last print issue. While that is an unfortunate event, the good news is that IDM will continue to live ... on the web, as a weekly e-newsletter.

Archive Report: Insurers Address Economic Fears
November 12, 2009

With the latest health care bill headed into the Senate, the insurance industry has probably never been looked at more skeptically than now. So when mail arrives in prospective customers' mailboxes, it had better discuss the reality that most Americans face

Im Thinking VDP . . . but Wheres the List?
November 1, 2009

Data segmentation is the key to effective variable data printing and imaging—and VDP is the key to getting your customers' attention. Chances are you've got all the data you need for an effective campaign, but let's talk specifics.

Small Budget... but Big Response
October 27, 2009

The reality that many direct marketers face today is a smaller budget for their direct mail campaigns. Yet clients don't want to see response rates suffer-and in some cases, they are desperate to see response increase.

Therefore, no better time than now to hear from two very seasoned direct marketers who specialize in direct mail and who are accustomed to modest budgets-and seeing them succeed.

Learn how both Gary Hennerberg (president of The Hennerberg Group) and Grant Johnson (CEO of Johnson Direct) get the most of each marketing dollar.

They'll show you how to:
- use less expensive formats that manage to still create an impact.
- improve and synchronize every element in the package, especially the outer, letter and reply/order card.
- understand what direct mail tests need to be run, including testing the most valued elements in a package.
- notice what parts of the package that can be left on the cutting room floor.
- use the power words that can boost a package from ho-hum to must-read.
- employ the right mix of variable data in the right way.
- get help from other channels, especially website optimization, email marketing and social media.
- present prospects with a strong, relevant offer that they don't want to turn down.
- go with a list that is both clean and rock solid-and that only gets stronger over time.

Click below for one information-packed hour that promises to improve the fate of your next direct mail campaign. You'll get to hear the most current and actionable direct marketing ideas that can work in your direct mail now.

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Peer-to-Peer Mail
October 1, 2009

When mailing to a business audience, it's always a challenge to get a package through the mail room, passed the administrative gatekeeper and into the right person's hands.

5 Big Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet
October 1, 2009

In his first book, "Confessions of an Advertising Man," David Ogilvy wrote: "Unless your advertising is based on a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night." To which I add, "And in direct marketing, your ship will sink."

Activity Highlights: Colleges
September 17, 2009

It's September and the college campuses are again teeming with students, which is always a pleasant sight after the dormant months of summer and especially with so many other national problems on the horizon. Last night, my wife and I were at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., to hear a lecture by author James Howard Kunstler ("The Long Emergency"). Arriving just before nightfall, we strolled through the hilly campus full of gorgeous old stone buildings, huge oak trees and bustling students off to study at the library. It reminded me quickly what a great privilege it is for anyone who can attend such a university.

One to Watch: Cornell College
September 17, 2009

Since online colleges and universities were examined in "Activity Highlights," I wanted to spotlight a standard small college and its use of an old-fashioned but excellent piece of collegiate direct mail in order to recruit new students.