Multichannel Integration

E-commerce Link: Channel to Channel
February 1, 2004

Use universal business logic to create a consistent shopping experience In the next few years, e-commerce will play an increasingly significant role in the long-term success of multichannel retailers. Not only will Web site sales account for more and more of an organization’s direct business, but the Web site also will be expected to support sales in retail stores and catalogs. The walls that currently stand between channels must cease to exist if online marketers are to satisfy the expectations of increasingly sophisticated customers. Universal business logic is the key to success in this new era of all-channel selling. Universal business logic relies on

Catalog and Direct Selling: Dissect Your Catalog
January 1, 2004

In the old days, figuring out what changes to make to the next catalog was simpler. “Metrics” referred to the conversion of gallons to liters; “CRM” was a random sample of the alphabet; and “multi-channel” meant that the one TV in the house had clear antenna reception from all three broadcasting companies. Not so anymore! Now, to keep pace in the complex game of cataloging, procedures such as the post-mortem analysis are necessary. The purpose of a post mortem is to formally review overall catalog results and incorporate the findings into the next catalog. The post mortem does not replace detailed analysis specific to