How Storytelling Boosts Response Rates
October 24, 2007

For centuries, the world’s greatest teachers and leaders have used fables, allegories and other types of stories to successfully communicate with people and motivate them to take action. So have some of the top-performing direct mail packages, including those from The Wall Street Journal, Time-Life, Rodale Inc., Covenant House, Greenpeace, Nightingale-Conant and National Wildlife Federation. Stories engage people because they are entertaining, allow the listener to empathize with the characters, draw on emotion and lead the listener to a conclusion. And in present times, when consumers tend to be more entertainment-oriented than ever, stories might be just what your direct mail package needs to

Live From DMA 07: Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising
October 17, 2007

As more and more consumers abandon their landlines for cell phones, online marketers have been scrambling to figure out how their businesses can take advantage of what is being proclaimed as the next big thing in advertising—the mobile phone. And although consumer adoption of mobile services is anticipated to grow exponentially over the next couple of years, reaching these consumers will be much more difficult because of the inherit differences between the mobile and PC environments. Despite some of these differences marketers can be assured an extremely high percentage of mobile phone users who conduct Internet searches on their phones intend to act

Adapt your E-mail for a Mobile Environment
August 15, 2007

A new whitepaper, Email Marketing for the Third Screen, by ExactTarget’s Director of Strategic Services Morgan Stewart and E-mail Strategist R.J. Talyor, comments on the growing adoption of mobile e-mail and its impact on e-mail marketing practices. The authors clearly state that mobile e-mail is not a customer’s preferred form of e-mail. Viewing e-mail on a PDA or SmartPhone simply is a matter of convenience for consumers. Mobile e-mail users read rather than write e-mail on their phones and “are primarily interacting with messages they deem urgent, not commercial e-mail,” according to the whitepaper. However, mobile e-mail adoption is growing, so e-mail marketers need

Mobile Marketing: Trend Report from CTIA
April 4, 2007

The wireless industry association, CTIA, held its annual convention last week in Orlando, Fla.. Shabbir Safdar, chief technology officer at Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, attended the show and gathered information on the top trends shaping the mobile marketing industry. Mindshare Interactive Campaigns is an interactive communications agency, headquartered in Washington, D.C., that works with HP, eBay, American Rivers and U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Here are the three key trends affecting mobile’s near future according to Safdar, as well as his thoughts as to what these concerns mean to you and your approach to this promising channel. Trend #1: If you have any doubt that the Web is

Media Usage Forecast 2007
March 1, 2007

Welcome to Target Marketing’s first Media Usage Forecast, which we plan to turn into a yearly peek at how you and your peers will be divvying up your marketing media dollars to attract prospects and maximize relationships with current customers. After the first half this decade, when all you heard in conversations during the cocktail hour at conferences and industry functions was how everyone’s direct marketing budget had been slashed, it’s refreshing to see that at least 80 percent of the marketers we surveyed are going into 2007 with coffers equal to or more than last year’s media dollars. Since this story is chock full of

Three Must-dos for Your First (or Next) Mobile Campaign
February 14, 2007

As with the arrival of any new media or way of doing business, the promise of untold success balances precariously with the fear of venturing into the unknown. That’s certainly the case with mobile marketing, which is developing slowly, but surely. So, the good news is “you’re not behind,” says Shabbir Safdar, chief technology officer, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, an interactive communications agency with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and satellite offices around the country. “But,” he adds, “you have to start now. There is no sure recipe for catch-up.” Building your own file of mobile opt-in customers will be invaluable in the future, because the

E-commerce Link: Bypass the Inbox
November 1, 2006

E-mail marketing may not be in a state of crisis, but it certainly is not as productive as it once was. Every marketer knows that it’s getting more difficult to get a message into the inbox of suitable customers, and harder still to make the recipients act on it. To supplement e-mail marketing efforts, aggressive online marketers are tapping into new tools and technologies that consumers now are finding valuable. These new approaches provide marketers with a great opportunity for highly targeted marketing communications with individual consumers. The Problem With E-mail Traditional e-mail marketing messages increasingly are more difficult to deliver to the consumer. Every Internet

Share of Pocket: Mobile Marketing Is Poised for Growth
March 1, 2006

With cell phones more commonplace than computers and mobile devices—such as PDAs and smart phones—catching on quickly, it’s no wonder mobile marketing looks attractive to direct marketers. According to the Cellular & Telecommunications Internet Association, there are 203 million wireless subscribers in the United States, with 70 percent or higher penetration in most major metropolitan areas. On the demographics end, this market trends younger, with most wireless subscribers between the ages of 13 and 34, cites mobile market research firm M:Metrics Inc. But the 35 to 44 age group continues to expand its use of these devices year over year. “What we are seeing