Adventures in Mobile Marketing
November 1, 2009

While the industry buzzed and buzzed this year about social media (often using social media to do so!), another marketing discipline was steadily convincing a growing group of marketers to divert funds from offline channels. And while it likely will take another year or two to mature into a major player on the marketing front, mobile marketing has been putting up some convincing numbers.

6 Best Practices in Mobile Marketing
October 14, 2009

With mobile phone penetration at 90 percent in the U.S., according to CTIA, and about half of this wireless phone-carrying audience actively using SMS messaging, mobile marketing is on the cusp of rapid adoption.

The Power of Advergaming
September 23, 2009

Advergaming has been around for years, but it’s never been more popular than right now—and for good reason. More and more, consumers congregate online for shopping, research and entertainment purposes. While tactics such as banner ads provide an opportunity to target online, they fail to engage consumers the way advergames can.

Publishers Clearing House's Dennis Vukelic on Mobile Marketing
September 9, 2009

The only hard part of Publishers Clearing House's mobile marketing plan is going to be getting that huge check to fit in those tiny cell phones. In June, PCH launched two iPhone applications—PCH Trivia and PCH Slots—to begin its push into the mobile marketing arena. Historically a direct marketing giant, PCH expects a lot from this marketing channel that fits in the palm of a hand.

Mobile in the Marketing Mix
September 1, 2009

Direct mailers take note: Despite the dismal economy, the strength of the mobile web is evident. As a result, it may be time to consider integrating mobile marketing—where ads are text-messaged or sent to mobile phones—into a future campaign. Just look at the statistics: Total U.S. mobile web users increased 3 percent between April and May this year, according to a mobile report from the Nielsen Co. In addition, retail mobile marketing promotional campaigns increased 6 percent between the two months, according to Millennial Media's May Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Jeff Ryznar on Prospecting With Prerecorded Calls
August 12, 2009

Shaquille O'Neal's call to Cleveland Cavaliers fans on July 2 held double meaning for the NBA franchise. That day, phones rang for 32,595 Cavs fans who then learned from The Big Witness himself that they could come watch the new center in his quest to "Win a Ring for the King."

Look Before You Leap
June 1, 2009

When then presidential candidate Barack Obama used text messaging to announce his selection of a running mate, the event signaled a coming of age for mobile, particularly short message service (SMS), as a direct marketing channel. That the content of the SMS announcement—Joe Biden of Delaware was Obama’s choice—was trumped by leaks to the traditional media made the method of delivery no less significant. The campaign successfully used a promotion to build an opt-in mobile database of more than 3 million supporters with whom to communicate and motivate for the longer haul.

Corralling Ted's Herd for Leads
June 1, 2009

Challenge: Lead generation aimed at adding to the e-mail database, increasing the Facebook following, testing mobile marketing and driving traffic to the restaurants. Solution: Provide a free burger with contest sign-up; provide dessert incentives for e-mail and mobile sign-up; and give away a Toyota Prius for the best Ted’s Burger love story submitted online via video, image, audio or text document. Results: 6,622 entries, of which 52 percent opted in to the e-mail program. Ted’s Facebook page saw a 40 percent increase in fans during March, bringing the total to 1,996. Plus, 394 customers wanted to receive text messages.