Banfield's Lisa Yaccino Rogers On How the Pet Hospital Business Used Web Analytics to Design Its Mobile Site
April 14, 2010

Banfield, The Pet Hospital, is a business so enamored with its 2 million four-legged patients that it capitalizes the letter "P" in "pets" on its Web site, in its e-mails—and now on its new mobile site. The Portland, Ore.-based business with locations throughout the U.S., U.K. and Mexico looked through its analytics and noticed that more than 5,000 clients of the two-legged variety were using mobile phones to access

7 Questions Marketers Should Ask Themselves Before Creating Mobile Apps
April 7, 2010

Hmm. What sounds good for dinner? Roast chicken? Apparently Lady GaGa would agree. But for many, what's more important than aligning their appetites with the quirky singer's supper choices is that all important wine pairing. Thousands of recommendations for what to sip come courtesy of the "Nat Decants" mobile application from Natalie MacLean, a sommelier and author of "Red, White and Drunk All Over."

4 Additional Ways to Sell to Mobile Consumers
March 31, 2010

Local coupons. Check. The ability to pay for a purchase directly from your phone. Check. Maybe a touch of augmented reality technology to add some flair. Check. These have become the staples of any sophisticated mobile marketing or sales campaign.

InterACT! Conference Announces Creation of Advisory Board
March 31, 2010

InfoTrends and North American Publishing Company (NAPCO) announced today the formation of an advisory board to provide industry insight for the 2010 InterACT! Conference. The event is scheduled for August 10-11, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, IL.

FTC Seeks Comment on Children's Online Privacy Protections
March 26, 2010

In light of rapidly evolving technology and changes in the way children use and access the Internet, the Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on the costs and benefits of an FTC rule designed to protect children online. 

Getting to Know the Millennials
March 24, 2010

The Pew Research Center just released a fascinating, exhaustive (149 pages) study of millennials, ages 18 to 29. Called Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change, it began in 2006 with a survey conducted in association with the PBS documentary series "Generation Next." This generation, of course, is what many direct marketers are targeting, and it's an elusive bunch. Millennials made their "passage into adulthood at the start of the new millennium" and are, overall, "confident, liberal, upbeat and open to change." Some of this flies in the face of the dour economy and indicates that most millennials believe it will improve.

Understanding the Digital Consumer
March 10, 2010

While the Internet is the most important digital channel to adult consumers and e-mail is the way they prefer receiving messages, direct marketers may find more refined insight into their preferences quite useful.

10 Questions for B-to-B Mobile Marketing
March 3, 2010

Mobile marketing isn’t strictly reserved for B-to-C marketers. Business consumers and prospects are on the go often and increasingly are relying on their mobile devices to stay connected. That leaves a wide open opportunity for B-to-B marketers to take advantage of this emerging channel.

10 Direct and Digital Marketing Trends for 2010
January 27, 2010

An increase in mobile opportunities, the death of the digital agency and targeted online display improvements are just three of 10 digital marketing trends Bruce Biegel discussed at a recent Direct Marketing Club of New York luncheon.