Fake Offers Make Consumers Want the Real Thing
July 12, 2010

An international magazine offered three subscription options. Option A: For a modest price, you could have the online edition. Option B: For about twice as much, you could have the printed edition instead. Option C: For the same price as the printed edition alone, you could have both the printed and online edition. If you think that no fool would choose Option B, you will be pleased to know that no fool is likely to. Yet to accuse Option B of pulling zero response would be inaccurate.

Netflix Is the Big Loser in Postal Service Changes
April 2, 2010

Netflix is in many ways the epitome of the 21st century company: It's based in Silicon Valley, it sells its services exclusively online, and it employs a hip bit of Web-speak in its name. But even as it boasts many of the trappings of a New Economy juggernaut, Netflix is still almost entirely reliant on that most 19th century of institutions: the United States Postal Service. Indeed, Netflix is the Postal Service’s biggest corporate customer.

Nine ways to write a better sales letter
November 1, 2009

The letter is the most important part of any direct mail package. Write a brilliant, compelling sales letter and your response rates can shoot up. Make a few thoughtless blunders and you're in deep trouble.

How to Guarantee Direct Response Success
September 1, 2009

Some years ago, I bought a pair of charcoal gray Monsanto socks. On the sticky label that holds the socks together was a little guarantee written in tiny type below the company name. It informed me that if, at the end of a year, my socks had worn out, I could return them, along with the receipt, for a brand new pair.

Get Personal
August 1, 2009

In today’s economy, acquiring highly qualified customers while increasing the amount of products and services they purchase is of critical importance. By making small, manageable improvements, online merchants can increase the lifetime value of each customer, drive repeat purchases and create stronger customer loyalty.

Big, Smart and Personal
August 1, 2009

The obstacles were many for Microsoft and its business intelligence (BI) products. Not only were there many fellow BI products in the IT marketplace, many of those competitors had been on the market for considerable time, and Microsoft's set of BI solutions was more expensive than most of them-and adding to this were concerns about its ease of use among a wide range of workers.

It's Now in the Cards
July 1, 2009

Two years since catalog marketers were hammered with a 20 percent-plus postage increase, many continue to reel and retreat. Traditional bulk catalog mailings are becoming unaffordable for many. So, facing up to the economic reality of soaring catalog production and mailing costs, party supplies, toys and novelties cataloger Oriental Trading Co. since last fall has implemented a wide-spreading postcard mailing program targeting primarily its proven customers.

Design It Right
September 1, 2008

Despite a challenging economy, online commerce remains a primary driver of growth for businesses. While improved Web site performance is an obvious target for most retailers, the path to achieve this goal is less clear. Online advertising, if successful, will drive qualified visitors, but traffic is only half the battle. The Web site must quickly establish high relevance to user needs, direct users to desired products and provide value and information to support the sale.

Tried & Tested
May 1, 2008

Establishing a brand image that is fluid, one that can flex to move with the marketplace and "that consumers can adapt to their own individuality," according to fashion icon Ralph Lauren, is a worthy goal for any marketer.