Marketing Automation

B-to-B Spotlight: 4 Data Quality Must-Haves for Marketing Automation
October 12, 2011

As any experienced B-to-B marketer knows, data quality is king. Because B-to-B prospect universes tend to be smaller and better defined than their B-to-C counterparts, identifying the right prospects and tailoring the marketing message to their needs is vital. You'd better know exactly what your ideal customers look like, where to find them, and what messaging they respond to. This means you need access to high-quality data.

The CMO’s 5-Step Guide to Marketing Automation Success
March 23, 2011

With a positive, consistent brand experience so tightly linked to customer loyalty and steady revenues, marketers can no longer ignore the critical role marketing automation software plays in developing and executing highly targeted cross-channel campaigns. However, because implementing marketing automation technology is a relatively new undertaking for many organizations, there are several steps CMOs must take to encourage a smooth transition and ensure that the expected benefits are delivered as quickly as possible.

A Marketing Automation Checklist
February 23, 2011

Marketing automation software can help you thrive in this challenging environment. By automating tasks at every level, the right system can reduce complexity, boost productivity, improve customer interactions, optimize operations and facilitate performance measurement to increase results. Here is a checklist of functionality your marketing automation software solutions should provide to help your organization today and well into the future.

Marketing Automation, E-mail Marketing and Social Media
May 1, 2010

Marketing Automation: Sometimes marketers just want a one-stop shop. Enter ClickSquared of Waltham, Mass., a cross-channel and e-mail marketing solution provider, and its third generation SaaS platform, Click 3G.

Social Media, E-mail and Marketing Automation
April 1, 2010

Social Media: The musical overlay of carefree whistling on Toronto-based Syncapse Corp.'s product demonstration video makes deploying and monitoring social network presences sound easy.

Jaspersoft's Nick Halsey on Marketing Automation Software
September 23, 2009

One thing's for sure: If there's a company with an appropriate tool to analyze project performance, it's Jaspersoft. And the most recent project the San Francisco-based open source business intelligence software provider chose to track was its own effort to increase its lead conversions.

Six Emerging Trends in Marketing Automation
September 12, 2007

More challenges await marketers than ever before, with channel proliferation and spiraling costs, along with an overcrowded media landscape that often gets in the way of effective customer communications. Meanwhile, complex internal processes, including outdated organizational structures and technologies, impede the business of developing offers. To overcome these challenges, 70 percent of marketers use some kind of marketing automation. That figure represents one of the findings in a new whitepaper released by New York–based Winterberry Group, and sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association’s Marketing Technology Council. Marketing Automation and the Enterprise Opportunity was produced after conducting in-depth interviews with more than 50 senior marketing