List-building 2.0: 7 Tips for Using ‘Power’ Polls For Prospecting
April 8, 2013

Most people know Web 2.0 is simply the evolution of the Internet into an environment of interactivity, reader participation and usability. Web 2.0 opens up the dialog between user and website or blog. This connection can help generate traffic and a viral buzz.

Love Your List
April 1, 2013

Most B-to-B marketers are drawn to practices that are simple and proven to work. In a deadline-driven, fast-paced world, marketers need to rely on proven techniques to avoid paths that might cause them to stumble. This is especially true when it comes to building a direct marketing list, whether it is for a calling campaign, direct mail or email.

How Much Is Your Email List Worth?
April 1, 2013

Every good direct marketer knows the top company asset is the customer database. Almost anyone with marketing experience can turn that data into revenue. I say "almost" because there is still a social media movement trying to prove that direct mail and email marketing is dying. It's doubtful that anyone in that group could create and execute an effective plan that delivers sales and profitability. But, for the rest of us, the people who understand that customer relationships are about the quality of service, a solid list is money in the bank

How to Buy New Subscribers Without Buying Email Lists
March 21, 2013

Email marketing’s ROI is twice as much as direct mail and three times as much as social media. So why are we not investing in growing our email lists in the same way we do with these other channels? I am not referring to buying lists like we do for direct mail. They certainly are available for email, but even if we put aside the massive deliverability issues that accompany purchased lists (recipients who have not heard of you are likely to mark messages from you as spam, making it harder for your messages to reach the subscribers who are

Worldata List Price Index: Now Revealing Winter 2013 Lead Trends
March 20, 2013

Worldata's Winter 2013 List Price Index, the barometer for trending of all list pricing, tracks the changes in list rental pricing each season. For the first time, Worldata Research has begun tracking growth of data availability as well as pricing fluctuations. A major shift in the number of email list rental records and data sources has occurred over the last 12 months. A surge in the number of rentable email addresses has resulted in a 26 percent increase in overall email contact availability as compared to the 12 months prior. years, the Worldata List Price Index has served the Direct and Interactive Marketing community as the key source for the pricing and trending of all list rentals. The Index is reported quarterly, providing a comparison of list prices during any given 12-month period and tracking price fluctuations, as cost per thousand (CPM), for lists in various categories.

B-to-B List Basics: 10 Keys to Making Good List Choices
March 20, 2013

With thousands of B-to-B lists available, it can be hard to know where to start. These are the key attributes and tips you need to jump-start your B-to-B acquisition efforts. 1. Quantity: Prospecting lists can range in size from less than 1,000 names to 1 million names or more. The traditional approach to direct marketing is to test a small portion of the list, then mail, call or email to a larger portion if the initial test is successful. Some marketers avoid small lists for this reason

Carney Direct Takes Over Zoominfo
March 12, 2013

Pete Carney, President of Carney Direct, is extremely excited about the prospects of what he believes to be "the most accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive B-to-B database to ever go live on the market. We are pleased to welcome this property to our organization and look forward to working with the direct marketing community on behalf of zoominfo."

New Developments in B-to-B List Acquisition
February 15, 2013

To reach cold prospects among business audiences, sales and marketing teams often begin by developing a list of prospective targets. Marketers can find just about every target company, title and job function they need from traditional list suppliers. Plus, the Internet has made possible the introduction of some excellent new opportunities for identifying prospects at various stages of the buying cycle. Let's look at what's new in B-to-B lists these days

7 Lessons Learned From Launching 5 Products
January 9, 2013

Over the years my co-founder and I have launched five products, and we’ve helped hundreds of other companies launch their products. Sadly I can’t say that each launch was successful, but I did learn what not to do over the years. From each launch we’ve gotten a better understanding of what should be done, and I can confidently say that I have a formula for every product launch. Here are seven things I learned from launching five products: Lesson No. 1: Collect emails, even before your product launches

Email List Building: 5 Tips to Build an Effective File
January 7, 2013

For any marketer, building a successful prospecting list is a top priority. But as you tweak your direct mail list tests, also take a closer look at your organization's email house file to ensure it contains the cleanest data and highest quality potential supporters. Below are some considerations for building a clean and well-engaged email file.