More Customers, Please!
February 1, 2014

The idea behind targeted marketing is to make your efforts more effective—to deliver more return for every dollar spent—by targeting people more likely to become your customers. For most marketers, the best place to start is with your current customers, who like your products and services and buy them repeatedly. So when looking for new customers, it only makes sense to target prospects who share key characteristics with your current customers.

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List
January 16, 2014

Most marketers see email as a critical revenue generator, or at least as an effective way to engage their customers over time. As such, some think the bigger their email list is, the better. After all, each email sent represents potential income. While growth is important, it's also crucial to consider the damage a big, unengaged list can do to your brand's email reputation.

Ladies? Who You Calling a Lady?
January 3, 2014

The email subject line had so many things wrong with it that I just had to investigate further. "Advertising to ladies is easier then (sic) you thought." The offer was for an email list (I think—the email itself was so poorly designed it was hard to tell) but the term "ladies" felt offensive somehow. Perhaps the problem was in my head

6 Keys to Engage Seniors Online
January 2, 2014

Marketers continue to struggle to effectively reach seniors online. They are up against a fierce battle as studies show that many consumers over the age of 65 prefer offline communications and transactions. Yet, there's a growing population that favors the online space. In this omnichannel world, marketers must learn to segment seniors to respond to their individual needs. Here are six key insights to help build your engagement strategy.

B-to-B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better
December 11, 2013

The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B-to-B customers is outbound communications, whether by mail, phone or email, to potential prospects, using rented or purchased lists. B-to-B marketers typically select targets from prospecting lists based on such traditional variables as industry, company size and job role, or title. But new research indicates that B-to-B prospecting data is much more detailed these days, and includes a plethora of variables to choose from

Email Segementation: Make Your List More Than the Sum of Its Parts
November 25, 2013

Segmentation is also one of the most powerful and often under-utilized features of email automation applications. Though automation makes the process simpler, many marketers are put off by overhead in the form of upfront work required to develop and deploy rules and testing scenarios that result in more effective targeting and conversion. Should they bother?

Pros and Cons of Email Acquisition Tactics (2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference session)
November 14, 2013

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2013 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo.

Acquisition email may be the "dirty word" of the industry, but everyone is doing it. In fact, email acquisition is a far higher priority for many businesses today than than social media, mobile marketing, or many other new technologies in the digital space. However, there are are some good ways to do email acquisition, and some bad.  

In this session, real marketers will talk about the pros and cons of the email acquisition tactics they use, such as email lists; collecting email addresses at point of sale (such as via receipts, asking consumers to join a loyalty program, or event sign up sheets); via pop-up windows or opt-in boxes online; or via social media conversion.

Click here to view this webinar.

Greg Grdodian Named CEO at Reach Marketing
October 21, 2013

Reach Marketing LLC announced today that Greg Grdodian has been named its Chief Executive Officer. Greg brings 18 years of management experience, technical and creative conceptualization and inventive direct marketing strategies to Reach Marketing. "Greg's rare blend of intellect, tireless work ethic, knowledge, experience and management credentials will continue to drive Reach and its clients…

How to Maintain Your Email List for Engagement and Deliverability
October 1, 2013

Most companies focus their time and energy on building their email marketing list—as well they should. But it’s not enough just to build a list—you also need to maintain it. This means: Letting subscribers manage their preferences (or opt-out if they wish), and proactively cleaning and culling inactive subscribers. Email subscription centers: One of the best ways to manage your list—and simultaneously establish trust with your audience—is to allow them to take control of the communications they receive. By law, you need to allow subscribers to opt-out