Sowing Seeds
July 28, 2014

Back in the day of direct mail, nearly all marketers had seed names on their lists in order to monitor the delivery time of mailed campaigns, as well as how authorized partners were using their list. Today, the only group I consistently hear speak of seed names are list vendors

Mailing List Survival Guide
July 23, 2014

Everyone who uses direct mail needs to know this. If shouting it from the top of a mountain would help, I'd do it. But writing this article seems more effective. Here's the deal: Your mailing list is the most important part of your direct mail campaign. "Really?" You say. "Surely it's the design ... or the copywriting?" No. It's the mailing list. And here's why

Stop Building Lists, Start Building Assets
June 18, 2014

If something doesn't make money, then it doesn't make sense. Email marketers are often underappreciated (and underpaid) because they don't effectively connect the dots for executives on the true ROI of their marketing efforts. Jeff Rohr's proposed solution is to change the conversation by adjusting the way marketers view what they contribute. In sum, stop telling people you build email lists and start telling them you're building proprietary assets that are exclusive to your company

How Can You Get More Out of Your Direct Mail List?
June 3, 2014

Everyone knows nowadays that the more information you have on your customers/prospects, the better you can tailor your message. Well, in many cases companies do not have that much information about people. So, what can you do to gather more information?

The Direct Marketing Industry’s Assault on First Amendment Rights
April 8, 2014

In searching for journalists and editors who should be made aware of "Write Everything Right!" I traveled the globe. Using my desktop computer this past winter, I set out on a huge journey. In the grand tradition of Richard Viguerie I visited the virtual newsrooms of every English-language newspaper in the world along with a slew of magazines. About half of them welcomed me warmly, such as the Kansans at the Hutchinson News.