Direct Mail for Nonprofit Fundraising
October 1, 2015 at 8:00 am

One of the most common industries to use direct mail is the nonprofit sector. With the economic hard times, many nonprofits have …

If You Can’t Test, Don’t Invest
April 21, 2015

In Dec. 2014, I wrote a column titled "Confessions of a Museum Nut" describing my experiences having New York's Whitney Museum of American Art as a client. The relationship ended badly. The client came up with the idea this bastion of Pop/Op Art—and 21,000 other assorted works—would be a ducky place for young parents to bring their kids.

How to Prove Your Marketing Works
April 21, 2015

Learn to use market research, sales data, and engagement scores to get a 360 view of your marketing communications’ effectiveness.

Top 5 Tweets From #DMDay15
March 16, 2015

Sometimes, you just don't have the time to travel to a massive conference of speakers and fellow marketers. Luckily, last Thursday Target Marketing and Direct Marketing IQ hosted Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2015—a virtual show that marketers worldwide could enjoy from the comfort of their own offices.

That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means: Are Email Clicks Worthless?
February 19, 2015

For years, email marketers have relied on a metric that was thought to be a rock-solid indicator of two things: That the number of clicks or opens could be translated as a measure of engagement, and that by pruning dead subscribers from a list, and thereby increasing your engagement, your reputation with ISPs would be increased. However, Dela Quist—the CEO of London-based email marketing agency AlchemyWorx—shook up the email marketing world, as reported by Ken Magill this week, by challenging the long-held doctrine of not emailing to inactive subscribers.