Lead Generation

6 Tips for B-to-B Data Collection
May 26, 2010

When the level of information on a prospect can mean losing a six-figure sales opportunity to a competitor by a week or two, it's critical to continually refine your data collection processes for optimal performance.

10 Ways to Use Social Media for Lead Generation and Nurturing
May 19, 2010

For some consumers, social networking sites have taken on personality traits that reflect who they may log in as and communicate with. Facebook might be a boyfriend. LinkedIn is a boss. Twitter is filled with acquaintances to say "hi" to in the hall.

Online Polls for List Building in 7 Steps
May 5, 2010

So, you've tried pay-per-click (PPC) search, co-registration and banner ads. You even tried sweepstakes offers. But you want to deploy a new, proven and creative lead generation tactic.

Offer Content B-to-B Buyers Want (and Don’t Want)
April 21, 2010

Now that buyers can use the Internet to research solutions, communicate with peers to get insider insights and remain somewhat anonymous during the interest and even consideration phases, B-to-B marketers are tasked to adapt their approaches to fit this new B-to-B prospect.

B-to-B Marketing Tips From the Pros
April 14, 2010

Trying to figure out what your approach should be in B-to-B social media groups, or how to craft your lead nurturing e-mails so they strike the right tone that gets and keeps your audience's attention? Maybe you could use some content marketing ideas or even good old-fashioned advice on generating additional sales from your existing customer base.

When You Need to Generate Sales Fast
February 25, 2010

The first quarter of the year can be a challenging time to generate sales. So if you're looking for a reliable way to bring in revenue, the best place to start is by contacting your best customers. Not all customers are equal, and when you need sales fast, your best customers are the most likely to come through for you. So it's vital that you stratify your customers by a key metric.

10 Ideas for Leveraging Virtual Events
February 24, 2010

Today many marketing executives are seeing degrading results from their campaigns. Traditional marketing techniques are rapidly being supplemented and even replaced by new channels. While more cost-effective than physical marketing events, virtual events offer another huge advantage: detailed information.

8 Ways to Generate More Leads
January 28, 2010

This month, let's take a look at some proven ways to generate more leads for your product or service. Here are just eight time-tested, practical ideas you can put to use in your direct mail, email, advertising or on your website.

FirstBank's Brian Jensen Describes How Digital Barcodes Enable a Texting Campaign
January 20, 2010

What's short, flat, and gives away skis and snowboards? It's slabs of cardboard—otherwise known as exhibit hall floor signs—that Lakewood, Colo.-based FirstBank turned interactive by slapping digital barcodes shaped like the snowboards and skis it was giving away onto its calls to action to winter sports fans attending ski film festivals in the Rocky Mountains.