Lead Generation

The big and almost free marketing initiative almost no one is doing today
December 31, 2010

0 comments | 101 reads What marketing initiative costs very little delivers a 20% increase in sales and is currently being used by less than one out of ten business to business sellers today? It’s lead nurturing, and a study by DemandGen Report (who recently published an article from this blog) did a study in late 2008 and found that only 8% of respondents currently have an automated lead nurturing strategies and processes in place.  The remaining 92% have failed to establish a process for longer term leads and are leaving money on the table but allowing prospects to

New Research Benchmarks Best Practices in Lead Nurturing
December 21, 2010

Gleanster today announced the publication of a "Gleansight" benchmark report that reveals best practices in lead nurturing. The report is 23 pages in length and includes a vendor landscape section with analyst commentary about most of the related technology solution providers.

7 Ways B-to-B Marketers Can Influence a Sale
December 15, 2010

What can B-to-B marketers do to have a more direct impact on the sales process? The answer is less about the promotion and more about what you do with the leads when they respond.

7 Truths About Managing Your Sales Force
November 10, 2010

In his upcoming book, "The Truth About Leads," Dan McDade explores how the quest for leads can ruin the sales process. Here are seven takeaways that anyone who manages a sales force should consider.

Lead Generation Is a Marathon, Marketing Automation Makes It a Sprint
October 22, 2010

The disconnect between Sales and Marketing is one of the most talked about problems in the B2B domain. A significant reason for this continuous focus on this problem could be the fact that companies are losing huge amounts of money because of this misalignment within their organizations.

Live From DMA2010: How to Double Conversion Rates With Effective Lead Nurturing
October 12, 2010

Five is the magic number for Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP Software, says Rod Lehman, the company's senior director of Americas marketing. That's how many touches consumers may require before converting, he told an intimate group of DMA2010 attendees during his session, "Effective Lead Nurturing: The Key to Doubling Conversion Rates."

B2B Lead Gen Innovator NetLine Corporation Acquires All About Sales, Inc.
August 18, 2010

NetLine Corporation, a leader in integrated business-to-business marketing solutions, today announced the acquisition of All About Sales, Inc. (AAS), a leading pay-for-performance sales engagement business. NetLine provides targeted online lead generation services for Advertisers, Marketers, and Publishers, and the acquisition will allow it to accelerate and streamline its clients' pipelines at every phase of the sales cycle. "With this acquisition, NetLine now delivers the

6 Tips on Live Chat for Non-Retail Marketers
August 11, 2010

It's perhaps difficult to think of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a touchy-feely entity. It's even harder to imagine that about companies beyond the U.S. border that are seeking FDA compliance. So after holding more than 87,000 live chats within three years to help businesses (half of them foreign) come into compliance with FDA regulations, Registrar Corp. of Hampton, Va., can say that the online conversations it's had with prospects really helped make the FDA approval process more personal.

Build a Bridge Between Marketing and Sales Activities
July 28, 2010

One way that the marketing team can better support the sales team is by adding the skill to call and qualify the needs of prospects and clients. This goes against the grain, because marketing typically doesn't follow up on leads. The key message is recognizing that it's not a good investment of the sales reps' time to follow up with prospects who have not been qualified.