Internet Marketing

DM Hiring Down
April 15, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe... While the economy has been a thorn in everyone's side over the past few weeks, we have heard some encouraging words about the online and digital marketing world. Online sales are up, we've heard, and digital marketing may increase in a recession. So all wasn't so bad.

Ed Ojdana at LeadsCon
April 3, 2008

If there truly is a rock star in the world of online lead generation, it is Ed Ojdana.

LeadsCon: Everything You Want To Know About Online Lead Gen
April 3, 2008

Had a great time at LeadsCon this week. I was invited to serve on an expert panel of judges for LeadsCon's "In the Spotlight' Company Showcase." The showcase, which took place on April 3, the first day of the first LeadsCon, provided a stage for some companies that may not be well known to a general audience, but had something truly unique to talk about.

Consumers Know They Are Being Tracked
March 31, 2008

According to a recently released study by consumer privacy organization TRUSTe and global market insight and information group TNS, consumers generally know that their internet activities are being tracked for purposes of targeting advertising. Are they OK with it? Not really. They study also revealed a high level of concern associated with that tracking, even when it isn't associated with personally identifiable information.

While You're At It …
March 1, 2008

The goal of co-registration marketing is to build qualified, permission-based lists of potential customers with a genuine interest in your product or service.

A New Paradigm
January 1, 2008

Moving images, whether on film or video, can create magic. The supremacy of the television commercial is based on its much overstated ability to evoke a complex emotional/rational response that results in brand awareness, sales and loyalty.