Internet Marketing

Direct Mail Versus E-mail: You Decide
September 5, 2008

For direct marketers, the print-to-online transition is an ongoing one. Consider the following facts comparing direct mail to e-mail for marketing purposes.

Ever notice how life lessons come when and where you...
June 25, 2008

"Ever notice how life lessons come when and where you least expect them? Sometimes, the best insights really do emerge, and the person becomes more engaged, when a negative (I could never do that!) transforms into a positive (I had no idea it would be that fun!).”

Digital Marketing Trends to Capitalize On
June 19, 2008

Digital media spending is at an all-time high, fueled by search, social media and mobile. Even banner advertising is back -- but not just on the Web. Banners are showing up in movies, games, instant message sessions and even video-enabled cell phones -- with contextual and behavioral targeting as primary drivers. How does a marketer know where an online ad will deliver its best value or what creative will deliver best in conversions?

Lead generation is a numbers game and a momentum game...
June 5, 2008

"Lead generation is a numbers game and a momentum game. Generally speaking there is no one magic way to generate tons of leads. Granted, for some businesses there are more effective ways, but on the whole long-term effective lead generation comes down to a combination of advertising, public relations and a systematic approach to referrals -- the lead generation trio as I like to call them."

May 27, 2008

“It’s a great practice once you start building a community of readers who comment on your blog posts to encourage more conversation by commenting back on comments."