Environmental Sustainability

Riches in Niches: Connecting to True Browns
March 4, 2009

It’s estimated that the green movement represents a market potential of approximately $500 billion. The trend to increase environmental awareness and action—known as green, organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable and renewable—grows each day. The proliferation of new technologies and products that support a green lifestyle, aggressive advocacy groups, and corporate-inspired initiatives are prompting even the least likely of green consumers to use eco-friendly products.

Ed Note: Radical Resiliency
March 1, 2009

The future has always represented a break from the past, of course, but could that statement be more true than today? For many individuals and businesses, because of the economy, they feel a mixture of dread and uncertainty about the future. Yet for nearly as many, because of our new president Barack Obama, there is also hope in the air for the first time in almost a decade.

3 Benefits of Becoming an ERM
February 25, 2009

ERM? The Direct Marketing Association is hoping that it will become the new must-know acronym in the burgeoning green market. It stands for environmentally responsible marketer, and the association just kicked off its ERM certificate program: "The Career Accreditation That Can Change Marketing."

Riches in Niches: Connecting to Potential Greens
February 25, 2009

With Earth Day approaching quickly, no doubt we’ll begin to see messages about protecting our planet, recycling and going green. These messages will be well-received by consumers who have tendencies to include eco-friendly activities in their everyday lives. But for those consumers who are not green-minded, these messages may go unnoticed. There is an untapped opportunity for marketers looking to speak directly to a large group of consumers who are just beginning the green transformation—the Potential Greens.

4 Mail Circulation Best Practices
December 3, 2008

Going green is no longer a fad in the direct mail industry. It’s a must. And one way to go green, and save money in the process, is by removing wasteful circulation from your contact strategies. In a recent Target Marketing Group webinar, titled All About: Sustainability—Manage Your List the Green Way, Randy Erdahl, co-founder and president of Minnesota-based database marketing analytics firm Decision Intelligence, shared ideas on how to tighten circulation practices for a smaller carbon footprint and bigger ROI.

Eric Yaverbaum on Tappening.com's Happening
December 3, 2008

Tap water is the new "cool" drink; some credit the lagging economy for its popularity, considering what bottled water costs. Others credit Tappening, a public awareness project and Web site that is just happening to make its creators richer.

The Park People's Janet Tierney on GreenVue Recyclable Mailers
November 12, 2008

Eco-friendly plastic mail turned out not to be an oxymoron for The Park People, Friends of Milwaukee County Parks, which sent out the recyclable direct mail for an event commemorating its 30th anniversary. The nonprofit environmental group mailed thousands of invitations for its third annual Green Gala on GreenVue, a new product from the custom mail company ShipShapes of Park Forest, Ill.

Say the Right Thing
November 1, 2008

You've been hearing a great deal about doing the right thing, from reducing your impact on the environment to making it easy for customers and prospects to better control their relationships with your firm, and so on. If your company has been following this ideal, then you know the beginning to right actions is right thoughts, which also lead to right words. And at the present, the right words are what Americans crave—from businesses as well as politicians.

On the Radar
November 1, 2008

"What's new in direct mail?" is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from colleagues, clients and readers of this column. These people aren't asking about the latest USPS postal regulations; instead, like you, they want to know about new practices, formats, offer incentives and other elements they should consider testing.

Green Your Data Management
October 1, 2008

As environmental consciousness seeps into the corporate boardroom, some companies are publishing two annual reports. One report is the traditional shareholder document that contains financial statements and other information deemed relevant to investors and other stakeholders. The other report provides a view of the company's "carbon footprint" and progress toward environmental improvement across the various aspects of its business operations.