Famous Last Words: A 2-cent Tax on Every E-mail? Yes!
January 1, 2004

A member of Congress averages an annual salary of $154,000, which means it costs taxpayers roughly $60,000 an hour (plus expenses) for their elected politicians to meet. When the Senate and the House of Representatives debate silly stuff—like an anti-spam bill that is not enforceable or legislation against porn on the Internet that is unconstitutional—my money is wasted by a bunch of grandstanders looking to garner points for their re-election. Let’s face it, everything in the life of a free society with a free economy is driven by one thing—money. Money is the great leveler. By the time this column sees print, Congress will

Batteries With That?
March 1, 2003

Most people think of the checkout as the final step of a shopping session. But any visit to your local grocery store will prove otherwise. Racks of candy and magazines flank the checkout lines, and the cashier asks, "Do you need batteries or film with that?" Newspapers, firelogs and steam cleaners line the front of stores near the exits. Clearly, the selling continues right up to, and beyond, the cash register's final beep.

Convert Browsers into Buyers
November 1, 2002

The key to successful sales conversion is making a relevant presentation to the shopper. This is just as true on the Web as it is in any other sales environment.

Here are seven proven techniques you can use to make the shopping experience more relevant to your customers' needs, make the buying process easier, and remove roadblocks along the path to purchase. Whether your shoppers are newcomers or long-time customers, these techniques will help you convert more of their shopping sessions into actual sales.