Direct Mail

Market Focus: Dentists
August 1, 2006

Check Up on These Medical Professionals For some, a trip to the dentist is fraught with anxiety. In contrast, however, marketers of many stripes should look forward to reaching out to these medical professionals. Entrepreneurial and business savvy, dentists are open not only to the more obvious profession-related offers, but also to a slew of services and products that help them run their hectic business practices and personal lives. Meet the Doctors According to Fred Peterson, media relations for Chicago-based American Dental Association (ADA), there are more than 173,000 professionally active dentists in the United States. Nearly 80 percent of these doctors are general practitioners, while another

The Clarity Group’s Craig Wood on Values-based Marketing
July 19, 2006

Over the last few years, Craig Wood, like many of you, has noticed a disturbing current in the direct marketing world: Response is down, costs are up and the result is a decrease in the productivity of marketing efforts as a whole. Wood, who recently left his position as group president and head of the database division at Yankelovich to become founder and CEO of Chapel Hill, N.C.-based consultancy The Clarity Group, attributes much of this troubling trend to a rise in consumer resistance. But he also sees another emerging force, one with the ability to reverse some of this resistance: values-based marketing. Values-based marketing

Sylvan Learning’s Brent Hartley on Pushing Direct Mail Results
July 12, 2006

While Universal McCann’s Senior Vice President and Director of Forecasting Robert J. Coen, attributes the rise in Standard mail volume in the first quarter of 2006 to continuing reductions in telemarketing spending (see his June 2006 Insider’s Report), a little credit can go to brand advertisers getting more fully into the measurable marketing game. Brent Hartley, manager of direct mail marketing at Sylvan Learning, talked to Target Marketing this week about the Baltimore-based personalized learning services company’s increasing adoption of direct mail programs for lead generation and conversion. With roughly 250 corporate centers and more than 800 franchises, Sylvan Learning hopes to leverage direct

Ready, Set, Action!
July 1, 2006

What makes direct response advertising different from general advertising? One word sums it up: response. No matter what type of direct marketing media you use to target your customers and prospects, your primary objective is to generate response—immediate or delayed, in the mail or online. And it’s your call to action working hand-in-hand with your offer that generates this measurable response. That’s why your call to action should never be overlooked, under-valued or taken for granted. It plays a very important role in every mailing you send out. What, When, Why and How So, how do you make your call to action more compelling and effective

Market Focus: Homemakers
July 1, 2006

Selling to the Home Front The typical image of today’s woman often revolves around a go-getter trying to balance career and home, or a professional climbing the corporate ladder. However, there are as many as 5.6 million women in the United States who have opted to make the home, and homemaking, their priority, according to Diane Sparks, president of Weaverville, N.C.-based list management and direct marketing database company The DM Shop, which manages the Domestic Diva list. Events such as Sept. 11 and the growing focus on the domestic arts, which gained prominence and popularity with the rise of people like Martha Stewart, also have

Envelope Manufacuters Association’s Tonya Muse on Envelopes
June 28, 2006

Copywriting legend Herschell Gordon Lewis has said that envelopes serve two purposes: to get themselves opened and to keep their contents from “spilling out onto the streets.” While sound production makes the latter a simple goal, the former poses a more formidable challenge. Understanding this, Alexandria, Va.-based trade association Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) and its nonprofit research arm, the EMA Foundation, set out in late 2005 to conduct a study that would offer some insight into how people view and relate to envelopes. Since I know you love envelopes—in 2005, 63 percent of efforts received by the Who’s Mailing What! Archive were envelope packages—I thought

Prepare for the Postal Rate Hike
June 28, 2006

How are you planning to deal with 2007’s postal rate increase? If you aren’t already thinking about your preparations, you should be, advises David Colatriano, senior vice president and general manager of direct marketing and premedia for Baltimore, Md.-based direct marketing consulting company Vertis. “My primary piece of advice is don’t wait,” asserts Colatriano. “Start to explore how you are executing your mailings right now, and work with your partners on ways to update the formats or evaluate the current mailing plan to look for opportunities to bring more efficiencies. They’re very complicated regulations, but there [are] ways to minimize the cost through good

Connect With the Boomer Market Online
June 14, 2006

Don’t overlook online channels when putting together a marketing plan for the boomer market. According to Mary Furlong, CEO of Lafayette, Calif.-based Mary Furlong and Associates, an agency specializing in the boomer and senior markets, boomers are the most wired adult market. Indeed, boomers turn to the Internet to find answers to serious questions—ranging from health-related concerns to real-estate questions—which is an indication of their comfort level online, notes Furlong. “Sometimes marketers think, ‘I’ll just reach them through magazines and newspapers.’ But I think the new ‘Aha’ is to reach them through their BlackBerrys and reach them online,” says Furlong.

25 Advanced Direct Marketing Strategies That Lift Marketing ROI Up To 200%
June 8, 2006

This 60-minute webinar shares successful copy and design techniques; data segmentation and modeling; a demand-generation method that keeps leads flowing; and many more ideas that can improve your lead quality and drive more sales by transforming your B2C. To view this Webinar, click here.

Using the Four Ps to Market Publishing Products to Hispanics
June 7, 2006

They may be immigrants, they may prefer to be addressed in Spanish, and they may not be assimilated or acculturated, but many first-generation U.S. Hispanics live and buy in this country and in Puerto Rico. And they present a big opportunity for those publishers willing to learn how to successfully serve this consumer group with product and marketing pitches that meet their preferences. To illustrate, let me share some insights on how to apply the four traditional Ps of effective marketing to your direct marketing efforts targeting U.S. Hispanics. Product. If you have a successful English-language product, don’t assume you need to customize it for the