Betting on a Winner
April 1, 2009

The standard rule in direct mail testing is to roll out your control to the majority of your list and send a smaller panel of test packages to compare results. That's the safe bet, putting most of your eggs in your previously top-performing direct mail basket.

Straight Talk: The Reuse Revolution in Direct Mail
April 1, 2009

Nearly seven years ago, Ann DeLaVergne got an envelope in the mail from an environmental company that was encouraging people to reduce waste by reusing envelopes. But it was sealed shut, plus it had print and labels all over it. There was no way to reuse it.

30 Ways to Amp Up a Renewal Series
April 1, 2009

Renewal series add regular cash to your coffers and build loyal, long-term relationships. Yet many publishers ignore them or consider them an afterthought, lavishing money and creative capital on new acquisition packages instead. They leave easy money on the table, since it costs less to renew a subscriber than acquire one.

A Key Stop Along the Way
April 1, 2009

You have a first-class product that's proved itself on the market for 18 months. You've run some solid direct mail campaigns around, it and they've helped you capture 40 percent market share. Should you stand pat and send the same lead generation effort out again?

Straight Talk: Creating a Higher Level of Engagement
February 1, 2009

In October, I attended the DMA08 show in Las Vegas and had the great pleasure of hearing Wayne Pick, executive creative director of Rapp New Zealand, talk about how truly creative direct mail can warm up cold prospects. He discussed how many folks are suffering from the double-whammy of fiscal and, to use his term, "time poverty" and simply require more innovative, relevant and even honest mail in order to respond. Afterward, I invited him and his wife, Kim Pick, head of copy at Rapp, to be a part of our webinar series and present on a similar topic. Because "Winning