Webinar: How to market effectively on a small budget
November 9, 2007

Get the latest proven tactics for driving down costs, and driving up response in this live online training session from Alan Rosenspan -- originator of the “Marketing on a Shoestring” awards. For detailed information and to register please visit: Date, Time & Place Tuesday, December 11, 2007 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (EST) 15:30 - 17:00 (GMT) Your Web Browser

Make Sure Your Mail Gets Delivered
November 1, 2007

You’re planning a mailing to a list of customers or prospects. You have spent a lot of time thinking up a really great offer and a clever creative piece. You get a good list and mail it. Let’s say the response is poor. What went wrong? The chances are good that it was the processing of the list. Most marketers don’t seem to know this. Twenty four percent of the Standard Class mail given to the U.S. Postal Service is undeliverable-as-addressed because the address or name is wrong. While you were asleep, the USPS became very efficient and mechanized. It requires that addresses on bulk

How Storytelling Boosts Response Rates
October 24, 2007

For centuries, the world’s greatest teachers and leaders have used fables, allegories and other types of stories to successfully communicate with people and motivate them to take action. So have some of the top-performing direct mail packages, including those from The Wall Street Journal, Time-Life, Rodale Inc., Covenant House, Greenpeace, Nightingale-Conant and National Wildlife Federation. Stories engage people because they are entertaining, allow the listener to empathize with the characters, draw on emotion and lead the listener to a conclusion. And in present times, when consumers tend to be more entertainment-oriented than ever, stories might be just what your direct mail package needs to

DM2-DecisionMaker Announces Brand New Email Marketing Opportunities from RSMeans – the Leading Source of Cost Data in the Construction Industry
October 15, 2007

Oak Brook, IL — October 15, 2007 — DM2-DecisionMaker (DM2), a leading B-to-B marketing services provider, today announced the availability of nearly 50,000 never before released email names from RSMeans, a Reed Construction Data company. Means Building Construction Cost Data is the most used, quoted, and respected unit price guide available for estimators and bidders in the construction industry. Professional estimators from public and private sectors including Fortune 1000 organizations, government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, A/E/C firms, municipalities, healthcare systems and professional associations rely on the RSMeans price data for accurate budgeting, estimating and forecasting. And many of these hard-to-reach decision makers

DM2-DecisionMaker Adds Four Million Names to the DecisionMaker® Medical Marketplace Database
October 15, 2007

Oak Brook, IL — October 15, 2007 — DM2-DecisionMaker (DM2), a B-to-B direct marketing services provider, today announced the addition of more than four million names to the DecisionMaker Medical Marketplace Database, a primary source for multi-channel, integrated direct marketing prospects. This enhancement brings the total number of names available in the medical market to 7,009,325. The new names include medical professionals who work in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, physician’s offices and home healthcare – as well as dental offices, laboratories and public health institutions. With specialties ranging from cardiology and critical care to mental health and physical therapy, these disciplined professionals

Watch Three Key Fields To Keep Your Data Clean
October 3, 2007

You may be surprised to learn that just three key fields in your customer database will contain most of the mistakes in your file. They are the name, address and date fields. This information often is entered by people not trained in data accuracy and is subject to mangling when reformatted. Why do these fields deserve your attention? Because mistakes will cost you in undeliverable, wasted materials, postage and lost sales. Name Field: Names are subject to phonetic misspellings and typos. Even if they’re wrong, they’re still deliverable. However, an incorrect name does little to build a relationship with a customer and can result

When Online Goes Offline
October 1, 2007

Marketers tend to approach online and offline marketing as two separate challenges that require different sets of solutions. It often is assumed that in the world of online marketing, online data is the only data that matters. Similarly, when executing direct mail programs, companies believe that the only relevant information is offline knowledge. Correct approach, right? Wrong. Very wrong. With regard to online marketing campaigns, marketing firms have traditionally struggled to extract and leverage information from their Web analytics packages. Recently, however, this knowledge has become easier to grasp and process as some firms have homed in on how best to understand information,

Why Customers Leave …
October 1, 2007

Most companies assume that their customers are highly price-sensitive. They design their marketing programs with this idea in mind. When they have sales, more people buy. When their products or services are not on sale, less people buy. What more proof of price sensitivity do you need? Transaction vs. Relationship Buyers Actually, you need a lot more proof, because the response to discounted sales is usually quite misleading. As Paul Wang, associate professor of integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University, points out, there are, in general, two types of customers: transaction buyers and relationship buyers. A transaction buyer is someone who is interested only in price.

Tighten Your Mail Programs with Merge/Purge Insights
September 19, 2007

Faced with the realities of postal rate hikes and increasing production costs, marketers must constantly evaluate their mailing procedures to identify incremental sources of profitability. Taking a closer look at the merge/purge process can provide valuable insight for uncovering additional “hidden” benefits in your mail programs. The merge/purge process serves as the basic mechanism to match records across list sources and eliminate duplicate records. While this process seems trivial, most marketers have failed to recognize—and benefit from—some of the targeting opportunities that can boost profitability. To optimize the merge/purge process and leverage additional insights, marketers must focus on five dimensions: List Source Classification and

Editor’s Notes: All Data is not Equal
September 1, 2007

Like all mediums, direct mail is evolving to better fit the consumer’s expectations. The evolution to more customized mailings has been a long time in the making, but online media have hastened the process by providing marketers with additional insights into their customers’ behaviors and possibly by showing up their offline counterparts. Whatever the reason—and advancements in technology, for sure, have played a big role—it’s welcomed progress. Unless, however, marketers get so bogged down with the logistics that they forget to properly plan their data strategy. As many direct marketing experts have admonished—including the former editor of this magazine—just because you have data on a