Segmenting for Success in Today’s Marketplace
December 19, 2007

It is axiomatic that not all customers are alike. They don’t look alike. They don’t act alike. They don’t have the same feelings about brands. They don’t drive the same amount of value. These differences are why customer segmentation is an essential element of every marketer’s analytic toolbox—at least every marketer who wants to maximize both the effectiveness and the efficiency of his marketing investments. Segmentation is not a new concept. Companies have been segmenting markets at least as long as the idea of product line extension has been around. They have been segmenting advertising messages as long as they have realized that people

Five Tips for Implementing Enterprise-wide Data Management
December 5, 2007

Effective data management throughout your entire enterprise is integral for marketing success. Consider these five tips to improve your company’s efforts. Verify at receipt. You will be more effective in improving the quality of your name and address files if you verify and correct at the time of receipt or input instead of waiting until later. Integrate data. By implementing customer data integration linkage, you generally can identify between 1.5 percent and 6 percent of your housefile as additional non-geographic valid duplicates. Code correctly. ZIP+4 coding is critical to your success. The additional cost to mail a non-ZIP+4-coded record ranges from 2.8 cents for

Heart & Soul
December 1, 2007

Faced with increasing opt-outs and declining response rates, it can be easy for direct marketing professionals to lose heart. But not the team at Los Angeles-based Live Nation, a promoter of live concerts, music venues and festivals, owner of the House of Blues brand and operator of the Web’s largest concert search engine. Listening to the company’s Vice President of Direct Marketing Bob Frady speak about marketing activities, you get the distinct impression that “heart” drives everything Live Nation does. “We’re not just spreadsheet jockeys; we love our product and are excited about what we sell,” says Frady. “We try to transfer our

Nuts & Bolts: Database
December 1, 2007

Building a database is easy; however, making money with a database is challenging, according to Arthur Middleton Hughes, vice president and solutions architect for KnowledgeBase Marketing. At the DMA07 Conference & Exhibition held in Chicago this past October, Hughes identified five common mistakes that cause databases to fail. 1. Diving in without a marketing strategy. Hughes says developing a successful marketing strategy is a process that includes four steps: 1) Collect data on your customer’s purchases, demographics and lifestyle; 2) build a database that permits ad-hoc analysis; 3) construct a lifetime value table; and 4) determine what motivates your customers. When creating a database, marketers should

One Quick Idea for Segmented E-mails
November 28, 2007

There are tricks to developing targeted e-mail content for thousands of customers. An easy way to increase the relevance of your e-mail marketing messages is to add new fields in your e-mail database that can be populated with information from your other marketing tools. Once that information flows into your e-mail database, it’s a simple matter of using it to create more highly personalized messages. A great field to add to your e-mail database is amount purchased last year. You can segment your list into your bottom, middle and best buyers, and target your future campaigns accordingly. Always test your lists to find

Go Beyond the Datacard
November 14, 2007

Whether publishing a magazine, marketing a product or operating a nonprofit organization, successful direct marketers all share one thing in common: a base of multisourced customers. Add them together and you have an incredibly large and robust universe to draw from. Why then do so many marketers find it difficult to profitably acquire new customers from outside lists, particularly from outside their own market category? Simply put, they don’t dig deep enough. One glance at a datacard and many a good list gets passed over. But in today’s data-driven world, marketers have more information at hand than can fit on a datacard. And too

Webinar: How to market effectively on a small budget
November 9, 2007

Get the latest proven tactics for driving down costs, and driving up response in this live online training session from Alan Rosenspan -- originator of the “Marketing on a Shoestring” awards. For detailed information and to register please visit: Date, Time & Place Tuesday, December 11, 2007 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (EST) 15:30 - 17:00 (GMT) Your Web Browser

Make Sure Your Mail Gets Delivered
November 1, 2007

You’re planning a mailing to a list of customers or prospects. You have spent a lot of time thinking up a really great offer and a clever creative piece. You get a good list and mail it. Let’s say the response is poor. What went wrong? The chances are good that it was the processing of the list. Most marketers don’t seem to know this. Twenty four percent of the Standard Class mail given to the U.S. Postal Service is undeliverable-as-addressed because the address or name is wrong. While you were asleep, the USPS became very efficient and mechanized. It requires that addresses on bulk

How Storytelling Boosts Response Rates
October 24, 2007

For centuries, the world’s greatest teachers and leaders have used fables, allegories and other types of stories to successfully communicate with people and motivate them to take action. So have some of the top-performing direct mail packages, including those from The Wall Street Journal, Time-Life, Rodale Inc., Covenant House, Greenpeace, Nightingale-Conant and National Wildlife Federation. Stories engage people because they are entertaining, allow the listener to empathize with the characters, draw on emotion and lead the listener to a conclusion. And in present times, when consumers tend to be more entertainment-oriented than ever, stories might be just what your direct mail package needs to

DM2-DecisionMaker Announces Brand New Email Marketing Opportunities from RSMeans – the Leading Source of Cost Data in the Construction Industry
October 15, 2007

Oak Brook, IL — October 15, 2007 — DM2-DecisionMaker (DM2), a leading B-to-B marketing services provider, today announced the availability of nearly 50,000 never before released email names from RSMeans, a Reed Construction Data company. Means Building Construction Cost Data is the most used, quoted, and respected unit price guide available for estimators and bidders in the construction industry. Professional estimators from public and private sectors including Fortune 1000 organizations, government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, A/E/C firms, municipalities, healthcare systems and professional associations rely on the RSMeans price data for accurate budgeting, estimating and forecasting. And many of these hard-to-reach decision makers