Data Security

The Promise of Permission
February 1, 2004

The balance of power has shifted: Consumers have put a premium on their time. Inundated with countless marketing messages competing for their attention, the American public has expressed its displeasure through its demand for Do-Not-Call and Can Spam legislation. Moving forward, successful marketers will be those who embrace the principles of permission-based marketing and begin to court consumers’ favor by building relationships. Break Through the Clutter “The days when all can graze cattle on the village green are gone,” says Don Peppers, founder of the Peppers & Rogers Group and co-author, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of a series of international best sellers on relationship

Privacy Crisis
April 1, 1999

Go back in time to 1994. Privacy was the hot-button topic in the consumer press. From cover stories in Business Week to reports on the nightly news, the media was stirring the pot about Big Brother—particularly with regard to direct marketers’ use of list and database information. We all took a deep breath and waited for the other shoe to drop, and ... nothing happened. The press moved on, the public (mostly) simmered down, and the issue was put on the back burner. Recently, however, two events converged to bring the privacy issue to a boil again: the explosive growth of