Surrounding a Market
March 1, 2004

A Powerful Blend of Direct Marketing Science and Market Research Drives The Hartford’s AARP Insurance Program. Every seven minutes, a U.S. adult turns 50. For AARP, a nonprofit membership organization that advocates on behalf of Americans age 50 and older, that translates into a little more than 200 new potential members a day. And for The Hartford, a 190-year-old investment management and insurance firm based in Hartford, CT, it also means a steady influx of new names for prospecting. Due to The Hartford’s relationship with AARP as the exclusive provider of discounted automobile (and homeowner) insurance to the association’s members, it has more of

CRM Special Report: Taking CRM Outside
February 1, 2004

Elements of a Successful Outsourced Solution Outsourcing CRM solutions is a growing phenomenon that is generating a good deal of interest. For the purposes of this article, outsourced CRM solutions are defined as marketing automation applications that may include: hosted marketing databases, campaign management, lead generation/management, reporting and/or data mining. These applications may be hosted singly or in a turnkey solution. The benefits of outsourcing a CRM solution can be substantial, both in terms of revenue enhancement and cost reduction. Typically, marketers see benefits accrue slowly in the first few months after implementation, as the new technology and processes are thoroughly learned and integrated

Editor’s Notes: Customers Come First
February 1, 2004

When you read the three articles that make up this month’s cover story, our annual “Ideas You Can Take to the Bank!” roundup, you’ll note a common thread. While these articles address different aspects of direct marketing—permission-based communication, upselling/cross-selling and database analysis—they all speak to the concept of achieving success through a dialogue that holds…

CRM Special Report: St. Supery Vineyards & Winery Case Study
February 1, 2004

St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery, in Napa Valley, is an example of a marketer that has successfully implemented an outsourced CRM solution. Its objective was to increase the percentage of its business that is direct to consumer. St. Supéry determined that outsourcing was the correct path due to low start-up costs, access to leading technology and the ability to develop marketing campaigns on a “pay as you go” basis. Quaero worked with St. Supéry to design and build its marketing data mart, and its reporting and campaign-management capabilities. We also integrated customer-transaction detail (response-tracking information) from the vendor St. Supéry uses to support its

CRM Special Report: Just 1 Question with Derek Vest
February 1, 2004

Target Marketing: What are the top three challenges facing marketers when it comes to integrating a CRM strategy into their existing business?Derek Vest, director, Dialogue Marketing, Maritz Loyalty Marketing: 1. Getting their internal IT departments to understand how quickly the competitive marketplace is moving. Many IT departments put marketing requests at the bottom of the…

CRM Special Report: Rx for Success
February 1, 2004

Most marketers agree that participation of senior-level executives in an enterprise-wide CRM strategy is essential for success. It is the level of participation required that Chris Selland, managing director of Massachusetts-based research and consulting firm Reservoir Partners, set out to find in his white paper “CRM Leadership Strategies.” Based on interviews with both mid-size and large companies, Selland offers five primary leadership tenets companies seeking CRM success must pursue. 1. Set the strategy. CRM strategy must be set at the corporate-level, with appropriate directives and clear measures. Determine how CRM aligns with overall business strategy. How and where CRM technologies best can be used

The Power of Referrals
January 1, 2004

How your customers can add extra profits to your bottom line A number of years ago, I was the marketing manager for a well-known book club. Twice a year the direct marketing department met with the president to review accomplishments and plans for the next marketing season. During this meeting, we shared the results of our programs and campaigns—direct mail, magazine advertising, package insert and member-referral. He looked at the line-by-line profit-per-customer acquired of each marketing initiative and declared, “Let’s do more of the member-referral program.” Those of us in the direct marketing division chuckled to ourselves. There were, after all, only so many

Editor’s Notes: Not-so-secret Discounts
January 1, 2004

The spirit of sharing was alive and well this past holiday season, but not in the way some marketers might have expected. Retailers often reward their employees with “friends-and-family” discount promotions meant to bring in a little more business and allow employees to help their loved ones do their holiday shopping. But as companies extend these discounts to online and phone orders via promotion codes that don’t require the remittance of a paper coupon, the far-reaching hand of e-mail has turned these efforts into friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend discounts. In a Dec. 3 article in The Wall Street Journal (“The Discounts You Aren’t Meant to Have”), reporter

Channel Integration Strategies: Building the Ideal Customer Experience
September 1, 2002

Building the ideal customer experience By Linda C. Ireland Channel integration is a bit like customer relationship management—for every 10 people who discuss the idea, there are 15 definitions of what it is. And while integrating your channels generally sounds like a good idea, you may be struggling to define exactly why and how it can work for you. Channel Integration From Your Customer's Point of View It's easy to think integrating channels is about connecting all the places you sell your product or service—a Web site, catalog, land-based retail, resellers, etc. But let's look at channel integration from your customer's point

How Hilton Honors Its Loyal Customers
November 1, 2000

After you have taken care of customer service, what else can you do to show your customers that you care? Create a loyalty program that rewards best or frequent customers with bonuses, discounts or other goodies. Loyalty programs also present a great opportunity for partnering between non-competing brands. "Loyalty programs were created with an eye toward having that opt-in contract from consumers so that we'd give them something of value for their permission to contact them with future offers," says Jim VonDerheide, senior director, database marketing, Hilton HHonors Worldwide. "That's why the Hilton HHonors program has been and continues to be a very