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Bills, (Paper) Bills, Go Away
August 1, 2009

In a way, Progress Energy’s recent push to turn its energy customers on to electronic billing affirmed the power company’s message that its product—electricity—can be environmentally friendly and economical to use.

Nuts & Bolts: Tech Talk
August 1, 2007

Bill Pay on the Go A recent Harris Interactive survey reports that 35 percent of consumers pay bills online. Now, mobile bill pay is making online payments even easier. Cyphermint recently partnered with financial services company Fidelity Express to provide mobile bill payment services through PayCash Mobile via Fidelity XpressPay. After registering at, consumers can initiate a payment from their cell phones or schedule a mobile bill pay alert. When a payment is due, customers receive an alert and can pay with a single click from a Fidelity mWallet, or mobile wallet, account managed from any cell phone, personal computer or PayCash-enabled

Editor’s Notes: Past Its Prime?
May 1, 2007

At the end of February, I pulled out of my office inbox a continuation notice for a free trial to min, also known as Media Industry Newsletter. I racked my brain for a minute, trying to remember if 1) I had signed up to receive this publication and 2) if I had gotten a sample issue. With a negative answer to each question, I put aside the invoice-like notice but decided to keep an eye out for the publication. A week passed with no sample issue, and I received another continuation notice—this time, featuring the teaser “LAST CHANCE” on the outer envelope. Inside, the

Strengthen Your Billing Series from the Start
April 25, 2007

You’ll make them pay! You’ll make them all pay! OK, perhaps your billing series is so stellar that your forgetful customers actually will pay up … eventually. But before you cue the evil laugh, think about the ramifications that vow might have on your budget. How long is it reasonable for you to continue to follow up on delinquent customers? According to Kimberly Draves, director of renewals for Emmaus, Pa.–based publisher Rodale, “The number of bills to mail should be contingent upon the combination of the outstanding balance and the cost of billing.” She goes on to say that billing a $12 balance for

Global Update: Getting Paid Online
June 1, 2006

The industry’s come a long way since merchants first began to use the Internet to sell products to a global audience. Once upon a time, credit cards were the only possible way to accept payment via the Internet. A host of alternative methods now exist to transfer money between customers and marketers. These payment methods can be divided into two types: those appropriate across multiple markets, and those that must be set up in each local market you target. Going Global When taking a global approach to international sales, you essentially decide to treat every customer the same, regardless of his or her geographic location. These

How to Combat Fraud
April 19, 2006

It used to be that direct commerce fraud was limited to high-ticket items like electronics and jewelry that could easily be resold on the black market. However, the advent of online auctions and classified ad sites, where fraudsters can re-sell items purchased with stolen credits cards for as much as 60 cents on the dollar, has opened up an entirely new range of products to fraud. What’s more, companies selling high-tech merchandise have become really good at fraud control. So even though fraudsters keep “testing the fence” to see if they can get high-value goods, it’s much easier for them to focus on mid-range products. As