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Why Don’t Millennials Use Cash?
July 16, 2015 at 8:00 am

When’s the last time you saw a Millennial pay with cash? Even convenience store purchases of less than $5 are paid with a debit card.

Denny's Zinger: Offers—Print (Warm & Fuzzy) v. Digital (Nasty)
December 19, 2014

I came across a story in The Wall Street Journal recently about KKR investing in—a service offering digital access to 140 magazines for $9.99 a month. I went to the website and was offered a 30-day free trial.

Denny's Zinger: The Holy of Holies—Your Order Form
November 7, 2014

When your customer orders, the following rules are sacrosanct: "Make it easy to order." —Elsworth Howell, President, Grolier Enterprises. "The order from should be so simple an idiot can understand it." —Malcolm Decker.

For Shoppers, Augmented Reality to be Next Level of Instant Gratification
October 9, 2013

A wave of experiments at various companies could take consumer convenience (and impulsiveness) to new heights. ...  On Tuesday, MasterCard plans to announce a partnership with Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair and other popular magazines, that will allow digital readers to instantly buy items described in an article or showcased in an advertisement by tapping a shopping cart icon on the page. The partnership, called ShopThis, will begin in the November tablet edition of Wired, due on Oct. 15

Retailers Getting Into Mobile Payments, Citing Security Concerns, Wanting User Data
March 6, 2012

Apparently, some two dozen retailers, including big names like Walmart and Target, are working together to create their own mobile payments system, according to sources at the WSJ. That means in addition to mobile wallets provided by banks, mobile operators (Isis), credit card networks, startups (like Square and Dwolla) and tech companies like Google (Google Wallet) and PayPal, consumers will be asked to wrap their heads around yet another mobile payment method: one from the retailers themselves. ... But it could end up being great news for more disruptive payment systems like Square.

Home Depot to Roll Out PayPal in Stores Nationwide
February 29, 2012

In coming weeks, Home Depot will equip many of its 2,000 stores with payment terminals that can accept PayPal as a payment option. Six weeks after The Home Depot Inc. began testing in-store PayPal acceptance, the national hardware chain has set a schedule to make the payment method an option in nearly all of its 2,000 stores, PayPal says. The test started in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Broader deployment began this week in Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans.

Case Study: Bills, (Paper) Bills, Go Away
August 5, 2009

In a way, Progress Energy’s recent push to turn its energy customers on to electronic billing affirmed the power company’s message that its product—electricity—can be environmentally friendly and economical to use.