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Deep Dish Trouble: Dish Network Completely Fails Telemarketing 101
January 26, 2015

How many National Do Not Call List violations does it take to get yourself a class-action lawsuit? The magic number would appear to be 57,606,609—or at least it is in the case of "United States of America, and the States of California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio v. Dish Network, L.L.C.," currently working its way towards a verdict.

What New Telephone Law Means for Lead Generation
November 27, 2013

In recent weeks, new Federal Communication Commission rules took effect to further protect consumers under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). The changes ordered by the FCC are designed to protect consumers from unwanted autodialed or pre-recorded telemarketing calls, also known as "telemarketing robocalls." The new TCPA rules accomplish four main things:

The 5 Customers You Meet on Social Media
November 19, 2013

I found this infographic quite entertaining. These generalizations are probably wrong to make and I’ll use myself as an example: I rarely will complain online because it reflects as much upon the customer as it does the company. But there was an instance recently where I bought an item, immediately found that it didn’t work, appealed to the company and they insinuated that I was lying. I don’t consider myself any of these caricatures

3 Signs You Might Suffer From Phone Failure
October 28, 2013

One of the most important touchpoints on the consumer buying journey is the phone call. Why? Because after consumers discover your products or services on Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and those prospects are impressed with your business website, a phone call may move them one step closer to a sale.

Mobile Will Overtake the Desktop in U.S. This Year (and Probably Already Has)
August 2, 2013

Nonvoice mobile activity will account for nearly 20 percent of media time. Mobile has become so key to consumers’ lives that for the first time this year, time spent on nonvoice mobile activities will surpass time spent online on desktop and laptop computers, eMarketer estimates. U.S. adults will spend 44.4 percent of their overall media time with digital this year, including 19.8 percent on mobile—compared with 19.5 percent on laptops and PCs. Time spent with mobile phones and tablets, excluding voice calls, has risen from 13.5 percent of all media time last year, and has nearly tripled since 2011.

New Telemarketing Rules Coming in October
July 9, 2013

Will your marketing campaign be the target of a class action lawsuit or regulatory investigation for failure to comply with recent revisions to the telephone consumer protection act? The TCPA was passed into law in 1991. The FCC is empowered to issue rules and regulations implementing the TCPA. Among other things, the TCPA allows individuals to file lawsuits and collect damages for receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls, faxes, pre-recorded calls or autodialed calls. ... If you are utilizing any type of call center software as part of your telemarketing operations, you may be using an autodialer within the FCC’s definition

7 Customer Service Tactics to Copy From Apple
June 4, 2013

So I'm sitting on a hard wooden seat in my local Apple store, waiting patiently. It had been a half hour since I was politely shown to a waiting area while the large crowd buzzed around me. Twice, an Apple rep came over to apologize for my wait. Her apology felt sincere, like she actually cared that I was waiting and inconvenienced. Another point scored for Apple—sincerity. Which is when it hit me: In any other store, I'd be cursing under my breath, impatient as heck, demanding to be served. So why was I being patient?