5 Reasons Consumers Hate You
March 1, 2013

Three out of four consumers surveyed "reported they would resent a brand after being bombarded by emails," according to research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Emailvision. Half would stop favoring brands that got their names wrong, while only 40 percent would be offended by gender errors, finds the survey announced in January.

New Mover Report 2012: Epsilon Finds Brand Loyalty Tested When Consumers Move
September 27, 2012

Epsilon recently released the annual "New Mover Report 2012," which looks at consumers' spending habits and brand affinity when they move from one home to another. The firm conducted an online survey of 999 respondents, including both new movers and non-movers, to understand their categories of spend, brand loyalty by category, channel preferences and more. The categories of interest in the survey include household services, electronic products, appliances and professional services.

How Will a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Affect Your Marketing?
February 28, 2012

A little over a year ago, the Commerce Department and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued preliminary reports from their respective task forces that were looking at online privacy. It is now 14 months later and the Commerce Department has released a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. In two weeks, the FTC is expected to release its final privacy document.

Survey Says: Consumers Want Caring Auto Insurers
February 1, 2012

While the concept of a grudge match between Progressive's "Flo" and the GEICO Gecko is entertaining, insurance companies using mass media to undercut each other's prices are missing the mark, according to Acxiom's 2011 Auto Insurance Consumer 
Dynamics Survey.

Ira Kalish: Future Consumers to be Tough Sells
November 1, 2011

Not quite a realized dystopia, the year 2020 will witness the birth of a new global consumer. These consumers could be a challenge for marketers, as they will likely be more frugal and, simultaneously, more demanding. They'll want products that are built to last, green and delivered with a smile by happy employees.

4 Ways to Data Append While Protecting Consumer Privacy
August 31, 2011

Bad prospect data may be costing companies millions. At the same time, consumers are concerned about maintaining their privacy. The solution, according to representatives of Epsilon Targeting and Marketfish, is respectful, effective data appending.

Pull Marketing: 3 Revelations About How Consumers Want to Interact with Companies
August 3, 2011

Many companies believe they're listening to customers. But are they really? And how much do they understand consumers in general? Questions like these mean that it's time to take a step away from push marketing for a moment and look into pull. How are consumers who voluntarily approach businesses doing so? And what should this tell companies about how they should market to them?