Affiliate Marketing

What Every CMO Should Know About Affiliate Marketing
October 19, 2012

Long considered the ugly stepchild of digital marketing, affiliate marketing has grown to become one of the leading drivers of brands' online marketing success. It accounted for more than $21 billion in online advertising revenues in 2011, according to the IAB. For CMOs seeking ways to guarantee ROI without sacrificing brand affinity or customer value, affiliate marketing is a channel worth considering. It helps them achieve their ROI goals by utilizing publishers to conduct their marketing efforts via multiple media channels on a pay-for-performance basis.

How to Set Affiliate Marketing Commissions
October 4, 2012

Before launching an affiliate program, merchants should establish their default commission structures. This is the base commission rate that will apply to all of your standard affiliates. You will still be able to customize terms for individual affiliates, but your base commission rate dictates how affiliates that do not have negotiated terms are paid.

NHL Shuts Down Affiliate Marketing Program Immediately, Citing Lockout
September 21, 2012

Citing the current NHL lockout as an "unusual situation," the league's online merchandise store,, has shut down its affiliate marketing program effective immediately. Is this a sign that the league doesn't expect a quick resolution to the current standoff with the NHLPA?

Affiliate Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know From 4 Experts
September 17, 2012

Affiliate Marketing, also known as performance marketing, gets a bad rap from many marketers. Why? When you say affiliate marketing, marketers envision someone in his pajamas sitting in front of his computer. The reality is that, for most successful affiliate marketers, nothing could be further from the truth. These performance marketers are laser focused on building revenue streams and are experts at search optimization, social media, email and conversion. The secret of affiliate marketing is so basic that it’s surprising that marketers don’t get it.

Video: Do People Really Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?
August 21, 2012

One example I will give you is my site, Take a look there, because I tell my story about how I got started in affiliate marketing. It was a pretty slow start. I went a few months without making a dime. The next few months after that I made a little bit. My progress continued from there, as I started testing things out and developed successful processes for my sites. This enabled me to scale up. 

Affiliate Marketing Fraud On the Rise
August 13, 2012

Retail marketers running affiliate programs on their brand's website want to ensure they deliver to customers, but a series of emerging fraudulent techniques has put managers like Wade Tonkin at Fanatics, which sells sports merchandise, on high alert. Unscrupulous affiliate marketers scamming the system have become sophisticated, similar to click fraud on display ads or viruses and malware in mobile devices and desktop computers. A group of marketers have stepped up efforts to identify the latest practices and heighten awareness to help other retailers.

As the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance Falls Short, Could a Yahoo-Google Deal Emerge?
July 19, 2012

Once again, Yahoo is earning so little under its search deal with Microsoft that Microsoft is having to make up the difference due to a revenue guarantee. If the performance doesn't improve, Yahoo might go looking for a new partner, which could include Google. Let's explore how the deal has continued to falter, quarter after quarter, and how the seemingly inevitable failure might lead Yahoo back to one-time partner Google.

Facebook and NBC Partner for Olympics Coverage
July 12, 2012

Facebook and NBC announced a partnership for the upcoming London Olympics that will give the network data about what users are talking about related to the Games and includes Timeline integration for the NBC Olympics’ website. The companies will collaborate by directing viewers of the games to interact on Facebook as well as encouraging Facebook users to tune into the NBC broadcasts.

Yahoo's Strategy Chief Says Content Deals About Making Portal Less ‘Uncool’
July 2, 2012

Yahoo has announced a string of programming and distribution partnerships, including deals with CNBC, Spotify and ClearChannel's iHeartRadio. Earlier this year, the company started working with ABC News as well. So what does all this deal-making add up to? In an interview last week, Jim Heckman, Yahoo's chief of strategy and emerging businesses, said that the partnerships should be viewed as Yahoo doubling down on the content verticals where it already has a strong presence, such as news and finance, as well as a move to attract a younger user base.

Yahoo! and CNBC Form Content Partnership
June 14, 2012

Yahoo and CNBC have formed a content sharing partnership, the companies said on Wednesday. As part of the deal, CNBC will provide stories and videos that will be featured on Yahoo Finance pages. Yahoo and CNBC will co-create original videos that will appear on Yahoo, and mobile devices, and will be promoted on the cable channel.