Affiliate Marketing

2013: The Year of Affiliate Attribution?
April 1, 2013

You've probably read a thing or two about affiliate attribution in a trade publication or heard it mentioned at industry events. Affiliate attribution is one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the performance marketing industry today, and many internet retailers are trying to figure out the best approach. Not only is it a consideration for the affiliate channel, but it's becoming an even bigger factor as more companies move toward omnichannel.

Valentine’s Day Opportunities for Affiliates
February 11, 2013

Rakuten LinkShare has shared online shopping data on consumer Valentine's Day purchasing behaviors that can help affiliates develop more targeted and strategic campaigns. A recent study by Forrester Consulting, in conjunction with Rakuten LinkShare, found that consumers visit an average of 2.7 sites before making an online purchase. The data also revealed that the top three sales categories for the years 2010-2012 were luxury items, jewelry and flowers

5 Ways to Improve Your Affiliate Relationships in 2013
January 9, 2013

If you've researched affiliate management and the factors that contribute to a successful affiliate marketing program, you've likely read that the relationship is a key component. Like any relationship, you need to start somewhere. Sometimes you're starting from scratch, other times you may have a pre-existing relationship that you can build upon and make better.

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2013
January 2, 2013

Earlier this year, Forrester Research estimated the affiliate marketing industry would grow to $4.5 billion by 2016. The key drivers for this growth are expected to be the affiliate channel's ability to produce new-to-file customers, generate incremental customer acquisition and attract consumers who spend more than the average online shopper. While all indicators point to marketers investing more in the affiliate channel in 2013, where and how those budgets are allocated will vary. Here's how I believe we'll see those investments divided among the following five key areas.

Oracle Acquires Marketing Automation SaaS Eloqua
December 21, 2012

Reuters is reporting that Oracle Corp. has agreed to buy Eloqua Inc., which recently went public, for about $871 million. Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua, has released a statement on the company's website — which is also posted on the Eloqua homepage — stating that the agreement is expected to close in the first half of 2013.

10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now
December 18, 2012

Are you looking for content marketing ideas? Need some actionable tips you can put to use today? We asked 10 content marketing experts for their best content marketing tips.

3 Tips to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation
December 13, 2012

Offering affiliate marketing membership can help provide your website with a steady stream of highly targeted and potentially very lucrative visitors. You could use the skills of some of the web's best marketers and, because different marketers use different techniques, it typically means that you can benefit from certain traffic streams that you've yet to benefit from already. Below are three tips to help further improve your affiliate marketing membership.

Launching a New Affiliate Marketing Program, Part 1: Tracking Platforms
November 30, 2012

There are four steps involved in launching an affiliate program. They are: (1) evaluating potential affiliate networks and tracking platforms, (2) implementing and testing the tracking code, (3) developing your creative inventory, and (4) promoting your newly launched program. I'll review the first two steps in this article. As a merchant launching a new affiliate program, you should be able to complete these two steps in a month or so.

5 Free WordPress Plug-Ins for Affiliate Marketers
October 22, 2012

WordPress is a very simple-to-use solution for creating powerful affiliate websites. The best part about WordPress is all the plug-ins that are available. It seems there's at least one plug-in for just about anything you can imagine! I've put together a list of five free affiliate marketing plug-ins for WordPress that I really like to use.

6 Insider Secrets to a Winning Affiliate Marketing Program
October 22, 2012

Affiliate marketing has been a viable way to help build ancillary revenues by having someone else market your products. It's generally cost effective and could involve little work. You can go about this through affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction or LinkShare, or simply start an affiliate program on your website and track sales and commissions with affiliate software, such as DirectTrack. Software costs could range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars … depending on how robust you'd like your features.