Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Talk Is Not CHEAP
October 1, 2006

Running a productive affiliate program hinges on effective communication with your affiliates. Merchants need to listen to feedback from these online partners and be proactive in maintaining contact with them. Affiliates are your online sales force, and as such they often are the experts when it comes to reaching new customers online. They can help you learn what works. But a smart communication strategy starts the dialogue before the affiliate even applies to be part of your program. Affiliate Recruitment To attract top affiliate partners, provide prospective affiliates with as much organized information as possible. In your recruitment communications, clearly delineate the following:

E-commerce Link: Mutual Benefit, Revisited
September 1, 2006

In my June 2006 column, “Mutual Benefit,” I introduced the concept of online cooperative marketing partnerships. This is an arrangement between two non-competitive companies to actively promote each other’s products and services to their customer bases. These partnerships offer a great opportunity to grow your customer file and strengthen your brand for very little money out of pocket. Now, let’s look at six steps to get a cooperative marketing partnership deal started. Step #1: Compile the assets you have to barter with. Every company communicates with its customers differently. Take a step back and look at your organization. What customer touchpoints can you leverage for these efforts?

E-commerce Link: Mutual Benefit
June 1, 2006

Would you like other non-competitive marketers to drive highly qualified traffic to your Web site at little to no cost? Are you interested in exchanging customer eyeballs with businesses whose products complement yours? Would you like to grow your online acquisition channel by 5 percent to 10 percent within a year? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider structuring online cooperative marketing partnerships. A cooperative marketing partnership exists when two companies work together to promote their products or services. These partnerships can take many forms. Some companies simply promote a partner to their customer base, while other examples are more

E-commerce Link: Work Hand-in-hand
December 1, 2004

Three actions are critical to great affiliate programs There are many techniques unique to individual affiliate programs. However, there still are several elements universal to the successful ones. Three actions critical to any great affiliate program are: plan for success; think win/win; and communicate. Plan for Success Marketers consistently take for granted the level of planning involved in starting an affiliate program. All too often clients ask for a quick setup. When I tell them it will take a few weeks to develop the necessary strategies, they almost always ask if we can expedite the process. While it’s understandable that everyone wants to increase

E-commerce Link: Generate Traffic Without Getting Run Over
March 1, 2004

10 Steps to Reduce Risk in Online Affiliate and Pay-for-Performance Relationships. For the past few years, there’s been an ongoing battle over which path marketers should take when seeking to acquire customers online. In the beginning, marketing departments told CEOs that online advertising was the golden goose, citing the millions of eyeballs ready and waiting for their company’s message. That goose never laid a golden egg, and those eyeballs certainly weren’t always translating into open wallets. In the late 1990s, a new generation of online marketing that “made sense” emerged: Direct marketers took hold of the power of the Internet, and “affiliate marketing” and