WWTT? Bud Light Won't Give Up the 'Corn Syrup' Bit

The “Corn War” has been going on since the Super Bowl, and Bud Light doesn’t show signs of stopping, despite a judge’s ruling.

New, Big B2B ideas, From MarTech to Dimensional Mail

B2B sales and marketing people have always understood that it’s an account that buys, not an individual.

The 1-2-3 Guide to Ace Mobile App User Acquisition

Here’s how to increase downloads, installs, and usage of your mobile app, and get customers to spend time (and money) within the app.

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Marketing Strategy

B2B sales and marketing people have always understood that it’s an account that buys, not an individual.

We’re all on a quest for organic sales growth. We all want to find ways to increase our conversion…

This summer — this “nutritional” label for commercially available audience data will be ready for marketplace use.


Here’s how to increase downloads, installs, and usage of your mobile app, and get customers to spend time (and money) within the app.

Today, the digital marketer has at-hand a veritable arsenal of tools to reach potential customers.

Are you driving enough traffic to your business or event with your current direct mail campaigns? Personalized direct mail maps will


SEO is an integral part of online marketing and is now included in most marketing curricula offered at colleges.

If you rely solely on Google Ads for your SEM, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to increase your leads and sales from Bing.

Try these three PPC bidding tips to help you get on the right path to success.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

We all need to reach ever-increasing direct mail response rate goals. This is a challenge. Here’s how to solve it.

The use of color in direct mail is very important. The right colors can increase your response rates. Why is color so important?

Sometimes marketers get stuck in a direct mail rut. They find a direct mail format that works and just stick to it.

Social Media

We are certainly increasingly “digitally distracted.”

A bill in Congress would assign the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with the task of determining the worth of consumer data.

Being the change needed in your world takes courage. It can be risky.

Online Marketing

Rihanna and Amazon are a perfect blend of entertainment, fashion, and e-commerce that break new ground.

E-commerce has had to overcome several barriers in its relatively short lifespan.

Content Marketing

Most of what we consume as information about our world, society, events, and brands is “second-hand” reality — let alone in marketing.

Marketing works best when it helps you reduce perceived risk and gain your prospects’ trust.

Evaluating your content marketing for each audience segment will yield insights that a program-wide analysis won’t capture.


But what if “they” — starting with policymakers in this country — took the extreme step of mimicking Europe?

Privacy is one of the most pressing issues facing organizations today.

The higher on the totem pole the executive who leaped to a conclusion of email’s demise, the less likely to drill down into the data.

Marketing Automation & CRM

There are so many ways to mess up data or analytics projects, may they be CDP or whatever sounds cool these days.

Companies need to take a serious look at their digital ad programs, make needed adjustments, and prepare sales teams for success.

Adidas UK promoted the new home kit for Premier League team Arsenal on Twitter, but sadly it didn’t go as planned.

Measurement & Metrics

Without properly set-up conversion tracking, there’s no way to know where to allocate your marketing budget to maximize ROI.

Frequent small actions can lead to greater website marketing improvements than a large website “refresh” every two or three years.

Unable to escape the deluge of political marketing overflowing my inbox, I’ve started wondering how the consultants justify their fees.


For quite some time the digital advertising world has been described as a duopoly between Google and…

Are you ready to get more out of your direct mail campaigns? Direct mail can be enhanced by adding Informed Delivery, see how.

The increased volume of data-driven marketing initiatives have taken digital marketing to the top spot in the media universe.

Branding, Agency & Creative

Here’s a few tips for a better campaign entry.

JPMorgan Chase announced it inked a five-year deal with Persado, a company with a product that produces AI-written marketing copy.

When we act like consumers and contemplate a higher brand purpose, we think about the importance of corporate social responsibility.


The hype around creating data businesses is at an all-time high in the B2B media sector.

Introductory offers in your marketing can reduce risk and increase prospect comfort. They can also damage brand and differentiation.

A new mechanism has emerged to help B2B buyers who are searching online for products and solutions: Ratings and reviews sites.


We in the data marketing business love to test — at least, we should. And what we should test for is new data categories.

Collecting information about website visitors, a standard practice in B2B marketing, is now becoming available to consumer marketers.

Earlier this month, IHOP decided it was time for another stunt focused on its burger menu, this time referring to burgers as "pancakes" and instituting a Bancake list based off of people who tweeted negatively about the restaurant's IHOb campaign from 2018.