3 Ways to Maintain Strong Client Relationships

Here are three rules to live by when it comes to maintaining strong client relationships.

Why Brand Love Is Just Not True Love for Marketers

Just like in our personal relationships , we cannot take brand love and loyalty for granted among our customers.

Data Love Story in the USA With a Few Spats, Too

You might call this time of year, Jan. 15 to March 15, marketing data’s “high season,” based on all of the goings-on.

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Marketing Automation & CRM

Here are three rules to live by when it comes to maintaining strong client relationships.

You might call this time of year, Jan. 15 to March 15, marketing data’s “high season,” based on all of the goings-on.

Using the power of omnichannel, here are three ways to enhance your outbound marketing to effectively improve your lead generation.

Content Marketing

A lot of the work we do in healthcare marketing and communications is predictable.

I’m back with my roundup of brilliant B2B marketers whom I’ve encountered this year.

A seismic shift happened in the 2010s: Platforms took control of audiences.

Marketing Strategy

If you follow reporters on Twitter, inevitably you will encounter a frustrated post condemning the behavior of a PR pro or company.

How can you get the people on your teams to be accountable?

So, content marketers, let’s talk about the regulatory environment more broadly, because one thing is for certain: the web, as wild and


If a marketer sends you 20 promotional emails in a month, is that too much? You may say “yes” without even thinking about it.

Last year, I reported on some of the things my students wrote about who gains from the value exchange of convenience-for-personal-data.

How to improve customer experience by analyzing their behavior, engaging them, determining their intent, and segmenting them.


To rank high in Google, you now need to understand why someone is searching for something and what information they’re looking for.

In this article, I’ll highlight three important trends that will impact your SEO efforts in 2020.

Learn some of the ways that companies can make their sites SEO-friendly without breaking the bank.


With the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad clocking in at $5.6 million, stakes were high, as usual, for advertisers.

In an out-of-home (OOH) advertising effort to promote the new series Dracula, BBC showcased a billboard covered in wooden stakes.

I’m not sure when Ugly Christmas Sweaters became a thing, but this trend has gone awry for Walmart Canada this holiday season.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

According to MarketingSherpa, 76% of people trust ads they receive in the mail. But do they trust yours?

The USPS commissioned survey in 2018 found that 68% of voters believe direct mail to be the most credible source of political outreach.

As we start the new year, direct mail planning is essential. The strategies we used in 2019 need updates to be more effective in 2020.


Over time, the simplicity of Google’s results page has clearly eroded. The Google SERP today is visually very noisy, with lots of distr

This year, I want to take a more childish approach and write an SEO wish list for Santa.

Mobile, social, and other digital media are increasingly connected to OOH advertising.

Measurement & Metrics

I’d like to share what is working and what influencer marketing needs to do to become a trusted channel.

These tips will help you make improvements to drive more eCommerce sales from your different marketing channels. 

Reviewing your website’s security, privacy policies, accessibility, and analytics can improve performance over the course of the year.

Social Media

Every day, advertising trends are emerging. These trends and tactics are newly developed as a means to best reach a target audience.

As publishers, our relationship with Facebook is … complicated. In 2019, Facebook traffic returned for a lot of publishers.

Even if the old-fashioned way of snail mail-posting greeting cards has given way to “eCards,” the good intention is the same.

Branding, Agency & Creative

With the “death” of Mr. Peanut, it’s clear that Planters opted to invest in a viral marketing effort ahead of its Super Bowl ad.

Psychology-based marketing has a lot of nooks and crannies.


As you move into your 2020 marketing plan, pair these channels up in new and creative ways.

For quite some time the digital advertising world has been described as a duopoly between Google and…

The higher on the totem pole the executive who leaped to a conclusion of email’s demise, the less likely to drill down into the data.


Forecasting the future is a dangerous but irresistible practice for observers like myself.

The B2B marketing conference scene continues to flourish since I did my last roundup a year ago.

If you’re a B2B marketer — especially a services provider — your environment is about to be upended.

Online Marketing

The increased use of mobile devices means search must learn to answer questions posed in natural language.

Nike announced that as part of the company’s focus on elevating consumer experiences, it will stop selling directly to

Advertising has played a vital role in the internet’s mass adoption.