How to Be a Better Brand Spokesperson Than Mark Zuckerberg

What makes for a good brand spokesperson?

Stop Expecting Data Scientists to Be Magical: Analytics Is a Team Sport

Many organizations put unreasonable expectations on data scientists. Their job descriptions require a superhuman.

3 Tips to Refine Your Current SEO Strategy

Follow these three steps, so you end the year on a high note and you have momentum to further improve your SEO next year.

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Content Marketing

What makes for a good brand spokesperson?

Content marketing success requires work before you begin writing, as well as after you’ve hit the publish button., which has out-of-the- box marketing thinking that relies on proven methods.

Marketing Strategy

Many organizations put unreasonable expectations on data scientists. Their job descriptions require a superhuman.

Follow these three steps, so you end the year on a high note and you have momentum to further improve your SEO next year.

That big idea still lies in the creative execution.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

What direct mail experience do your customers and prospects get when they receive your mail pieces?

There are many things that can go wrong with a direct mail campaign.

We all need to reach ever-increasing direct mail response rate goals. This is a challenge. Here’s how to solve it.

Measurement & Metrics

Here’s how to evaluate customer reactions to your brand messaging and content in order to engage them and increase conversions.

How many “fake” email metrics are out there — spurious traffic measured in opens, clickthroughs, and other engagement metrics?

B2B digital marketing success isn’t always as easy to quantify, even with the measurability of digital, but it can be done.

Online Marketing

I’d like to provide some cautionary observations on why these efforts sometimes fail.

Rihanna and Amazon are a perfect blend of entertainment, fashion, and e-commerce that break new ground.

Happy customers are loyal customers. But what happens when “surprise and delight” is actually “surprise and incite”?


It’s challenging for direct response marketers to fit all of the key elements of a good direct response ad into a small space.

Advertising to the emerging Gen Z consumer is both as challenging and simple as it has ever been, which is an oxymoron in itself.

Here’s how to increase downloads, installs, and usage of your mobile app, and get customers to spend time (and money) within the app.

Marketing Automation & CRM

B2B marketers understand the importance of qualifying a lead before it goes to a salesperson.

There are so many ways to mess up data or analytics projects, may they be CDP or whatever sounds cool these days.

Companies need to take a serious look at their digital ad programs, make needed adjustments, and prepare sales teams for success.

Branding, Agency & Creative

Brand transformations are like personal transformations — shine a light on the salient qualities and then amplify for everyone to see.


The first step in analytics should be “formulating a question,” not data-crunching.

We’re all on a quest for organic sales growth. We all want to find ways to increase our conversion…

This summer — this “nutritional” label for commercially available audience data will be ready for marketplace use.


B2B sales and marketing people have always understood that it’s an account that buys, not an individual.

I was teaching B2B digital marketing to master’s degree students at San Andres University in Buenos Aires again this summer.

The hype around creating data businesses is at an all-time high in the B2B media sector.


SEO is an integral part of online marketing and is now included in most marketing curricula offered at colleges.

If you rely solely on Google Ads for your SEM, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to increase your leads and sales from Bing.

Try these three PPC bidding tips to help you get on the right path to success.

Social Media

We are certainly increasingly “digitally distracted.”

A bill in Congress would assign the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with the task of determining the worth of consumer data.

Being the change needed in your world takes courage. It can be risky.


For quite some time the digital advertising world has been described as a duopoly between Google and…

The higher on the totem pole the executive who leaped to a conclusion of email’s demise, the less likely to drill down into the data.

Are you ready to get more out of your direct mail campaigns? Direct mail can be enhanced by adding Informed Delivery, see how.


We in the data marketing business love to test — at least, we should. And what we should test for is new data categories.

Collecting information about website visitors, a standard practice in B2B marketing, is now becoming available to consumer marketers.

Earlier this month, IHOP decided it was time for another stunt focused on its burger menu, this time referring to burgers as "pancakes" and instituting a Bancake list based off of people who tweeted negatively about the restaurant's IHOb campaign from 2018.