The Cost of Marketing to the Wrong Consumer, and How to Get It Right

Internet marketing is easy and cheap. That’s all the more reason to use it judiciously.

7 Event Planning Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Tips on successful event planning from the pros. Follow this easy to use, step-by-step guide of how to plan and execute any event.

Don’t Let Old Habits Dictate Your Marketing Thoughts

When marketers play with data, we often get confined within the limitations of the datasets that are available to us, or worse, tool

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Internet marketing is easy and cheap. That’s all the more reason to use it judiciously.

If you’re responsible for Medicare marketing, you are already prepping for the the Fall … but it’s time to rethink your approach.

New research from Influenster shows how Millennial Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping habits have changed.


When marketers play with data, we often get confined within the limitations of the datasets that are available to us, or worse, tool

Data collection is transactional. Before Google and social media, transactions were, for the most part, financial. But now they’re

Facebook was simply the poster boy for an uncomfortable data revolution well under way, but the hearings were very revealing. I am not

Marketing Strategy

Management by objective (MBO) is intended to be measurable and directly tied to organization goals. But in marketing, they’re not.

While the sheer volume of marketing technologies to explore is a factor, CX, bureaucracy, and tech expertise also loom large.

On June 28 at AADM, we’re going to delve into CX across many sessions, including keynotes with brand leaders from TD Bank and Xfinity.


SEO will be changing in the next few years, but if you stay abreast of the changes, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

Every business does some marketing research. SEOs have, for many years, done competitive keyword research. Today, I want to question

Google Trends is one of the most underutilized tools available to help you boost your site’s search engine rankings.

Branding, Agency & Creative

Marketers are testing DRTV to scale acquisition but are disappointed by the results. Here are 3 tips for a successful DRTV test.

9 secrets to creating award-winning billboard advertisements. Up your outdoor advertising game with these tips and tricks of the trade.

There wouldn’t even be a brouhaha over one space or two if even having a marketing copywriting style guide as a reference didn’t seem

Content Marketing

How to create evergreen content that will continue to engage your audience far into the future.

Webinar content marketing can help you keep your sales funnel full and your bottom line healthy. Here’s how.

Your B2B content marketing could be better. The tools for dramatic improvement may be closer than you think.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

Technology has allowed us to increase direct mail ROI even more! By adding technology, you can draw attention to your mail piece.

During the 2016 election cycle, there was more political direct mail than ever before. Learn how to win with direct mail.

Informed Delivery ads will allow you to send customers who sign up to receive emails with the post office an image and URL before

Marketing Automation & CRM

I continue to urge companies to differentiate on the basis of customer experience — the bar is so low, it’s doesn’t take a lot of

You’ve conducted research, developed strategy, and done a fine job of targeting. What could go wrong? Your fulfillment mechanism.

Many marketing departments are shifting from sales conversion to a more balanced relationship focus as their primary objective. As a


Most sales reps are turning to software vendors claiming email communication expertise. Yet The tips and advice are garbage.

In a consumer data world that appears increasingly creepy to its subjects, what does the future of email marketing look like?

Are you asking prospects to: answer questions leading to an outcome you want? Be persuaded by research to form a conclusion? Beware.


I’ve noticed some ironies in the world of B2B marketing. You know, when the common wisdom is one thing, but the reality is another.

When asked, the typical B2B marketer will say that 80 to 85 percent of their effort goes to customer acquisition. This is a mistake.


When brands or businesses we’ve patronized for years change products, names, offerings or merge with other brands, we often see change

For the past 18 months, there have been warnings about the advent of mobile-first indexing. On March 26, Google announced that it has

In December 2016, I wrote about search trends for 2017. As 2018 is about to begin, it seems appropriate to look back at how accurate my

Online Marketing

Marketing with coupon affiliate websites might be the strategy you need to attract audiences that convert — if you do it the right way.

There’s no shortage of reasons why embedded video should work in cold sales email. Sadly, they amount to lazy fantasies of sellers.

Are you sabotaging your own SEO efforts? As an SEO consultant, I see numerous well-intentioned business leaders make decisions that, in

Measurement & Metrics

Many conventional marketers depict the progression from prospect to buyer as a funnel starting with impressions at the top and working

What are CMOs held accountable for? Say we invest 5% of revenue in marketing, what do the CEO and board of directors expect in return?

One way to improve the quality of your measurement is to improve the quality of your metrics.

Social Media

“If hashtags were touchdowns, the Philadelphia Eagles look to win in a relative blowout.”

This month’s challenge to digital marketing equilibrium has been the announcement of Facebook’s algorithmic update.

I have moved up the emotional scale from mildly irritated to pretty angry. I even considered a New Year’s resolution of dumping